Make Your House Stand Out With These Fantastic Items That You Must Invest In


Our homes are much more than just a roof over our heads and shelter from the elements. The houses and apartments we live in are an extension of ourselves. The way you decorate your home can tell a lot about your personality and your style. 

Some people are perfectly content with average-looking homes, while some feel the need to stand out. If you belong to the latter category, you might want to check out these items we’ve prepared for you. 

Full-Length Drapes 

There’s rarely a piece of home decor that can add so much style to a room as full-length drapes can. We’re talking about the ones that go from the ceiling all the way down to the floor. There’s something about full-length drapes that screams style. Of course, your drapes need to be chosen carefully so that they fit the rest of the interior design. Yet, drapes can also be very forgiving if you stick to solid colors and basic designs. 

Installing full-length drapes will transform your living space. We recommend that you mount drapes in your living room and your bedroom for the best effect. Other rooms in the house should be left to more utilitarian solutions. 

Large Format Painting 

Art is a crucial part of the human experience. We consume it every day through various media. Visual art pieces, such as paintings, play an important role in interior design. Paintings can accentuate a theme, give volume to an otherwise empty space, or serve as a finishing touch to a perfect room decorum. 

Different styles of art fit different themes. Modern interior designs are best paired with abstract paintings or modern pieces where the accent is on colors and shapes, rather than specific subjects. If you’re into French or Victorian furniture, a more traditional style would be in order. Think Baroque or perhaps classicism. 

Whichever artistic movement you choose, the painting should be of a format that best matches the space you’ve made available for it. In other words, if the host wall is massive, the painting should be large in format. Similarly, if the wall is small, the painting should be smaller. 

Artistic Floor Lamp 

Lighting is important in both a practical sense and an aesthetic one. A simple ceiling-mounted light source is the most practical, but also the most clinical way of introducing light to a room. 

On the other hand, a floor lamp with a cool shade can give your room some character by producing a soft, diffused light whose origin isn’t up above, but rather down below. A good lamp doesn’t have to cost much if you can find the right coupon code. 

Furniture magazines sometimes have coupons for lamps which is worth investigating. There are also plenty of websites that offer coupons making it easy to find more great deals. There are many ways to use a floor lamp to boost the atmospheric lighting in a room. 

If you set it next to a wall, you’ll get some refraction from both that wall and all other walls in that room. If you set the lamp closer to the center of the room 

A Classic Lounge Chair 

Classic lounge chairs have become a casualty of mass-produced, affordable furniture. Truth be told, we don’t sit around that much anymore. Those who do sit a lot, usually do so in a comfy office chair as they work on a computer, or on a sofa as they watch TV. A classic lounge chair, like the legendary Eames from Herman Miller, is a timeless piece and ultimately a very comfortable chair. 

Adding one of these to your home will instantly make it stand out. A living room with an Eames chair in it, complete with an ottoman, is instantly drawing people into the simpler times of the ‘70s. It’s a chair that lets others know what defines your taste in comfort. 

Vintage Speakers 

Hi-fi audio systems, much like lounge chairs we discussed just now, have become a lost relic of simpler times. Back in the day, having a good pair of speakers was the only way to enjoy music. Nowadays, everyone has a phone or computer, a pair of earbuds, or small active speakers that do the job. Does that mean that large vintage speakers no longer have a place in modern society? Absolutely not! 

Getting a set of vintage JBLs isn’t a matter of saving them from the junkyard. Oh no, it’s a matter of finding a seller who will get rid of theirs for a price that won’t make your world spin. However, if you do manage to get your hands on a pair of vintage speakers, you’ll get a unique chance to experience music in a more theatrical manner. Of course, such speakers require a preamp since almost all of them were passive by design. 

Home Decor As An Investment? 

You’re probably wondering how does anything we’ve mentioned so far acts as an investment? Well, if you get your hands on an original Eames set, you’re looking at a steady appreciation in terms of price. 

The same goes for mint vintage JBLs or similar speakers. Paintings need no explanation. There are pieces out there that have been appreciating since they were discovered or painted. On top of that, all of these suggestions will make your home stand out. They will give it character and make it truly your own. 

Find A Style Of Your Own 

The fact that we’ve listed several items in this guide doesn’t mean that you absolutely need to have them all. In fact, you probably shouldn’t. Instead, find a combo that matches your taste and your aesthetic preferences. Everyone has their own style. 

The only thing to look out for is obvious interior decor faux pas that could potentially chip away from your overall theme. However, a brief dive into the basics of interior design and decor will help you avoid those with no issues at all. We hope that you’ve found this guide helpful and inspiring enough that you can take on home decoration on your own and create that perfect home you dream about.