Make Your Life Easier When Travelling To New York For Business


Whether you’re travelling for a company that you work for, or you’re heading out on a business trip that could make or break your business, jetting off to somewhere new can understandably be a very daunting experience. Knowing the next few days, weeks, or maybe even months ahead of you are strictly about work can put a lot of pressure on you. Not to mention everything else that you need to think of when making a long distance journey! When you’re travelling to a huge city such as New York, it’s no wonder that you may be feeling slightly nervous about your time in the big city. So, to help you out, we’ve come up with some fantastic ways of making your life easier when travelling to NYC for business!

Photo by Nicolai Berntsen on Unsplash

Think about suitable accommodation

When you’re heading anywhere for a significantly long stay, hotels might not be as suitable as a week in New York. Stays of a month or longer could work out to be expensive by using hotels and they cannot offer the level of personalisation that say, a furnished apartment in New York could offer. Not only will you be much more comfortable during your stay, but you also have the opportunity to bring clients back to your apartment. In turn, this could help you secure the deal you’re travelling for in the first place. Would you really want to spend a long time in a hotel room anyway? Often, serviced and furnished apartments come with help on hand in the building to help cater to your every need – perfect again if you’re planning on trying to impress potential clients further.

Pack wisely

One thing to remember about New York City is that there are a plethora of upper-class restaurants and drinking establishments. It’s likely that at some point or another you may be invited to dinner or for some drinks with your potential clients, so make sure that you’re dressed the part too. For some places, you will need to have a tie and smart shoes just to get through the door, so make sure that you’re packing an array of different clothing so that you always look the part. Remember that sometimes, you may even be invited to do fun activities too so that you and your clients can get to know each other, so just make sure that you’re prepared for any eventuality.

Plan out your time cleverly

When travelling for business it’s likely that you’ve got some meetings already set up with clients, but the rest of your time might not be planned out as of yet. Use your free time cleverly and prepare for meetings by creating presentations, practising them, putting together information leaflets for clients to keep hold of, and even putting together packs of merchandise that you’re giving away. If you’re travelling from afar, why not use your time on the plane to finalize your work and make sure that you’re really going to impress?

Take some home comforts

Being away from home for a length of time is enough to make anyone feel rather homesick, especially if you’re leaving family and friends behind during your trip. These feelings can be heightened when you’re in a city as large as New York. It’s easy to feel lost in a strange city, so taking some home comforts with you such as a bathrobe and a picture of those you love will help make any trip that little bit more comfortable. Perhaps you could arrange a time each day to video chat your loved ones to help the distance seem that little bit smaller.

Make time for you

Finally, while it’s imperative to concentrate on landing the business deal or clients, it’s also important to make some time for yourself. Someone who is sleep deprived, undernourished, and generally very stressed won’t perform as well as someone who’s taken time for themselves. It’s understandable that some days might be packed back to back with meetings and presentations, but when you get some free time, make sure that you’re giving yourself some time to relax, rejuvenate, and to prepare for the next day! Or, perhaps you could take that free time to explore the wonderful city that is New York!