Make Your Next Party Mysterious


Throwing a normal party is all well and good—but why not make your next party mysterious? If you want to organize a party that no one will forget anytime soon, consider throwing a masquerade party that will leave everyone with the memory of a magical, mysterious evening. Masquerade masks, themed outfits, and delicious food are just a few of the party elements you’ll need to remember for your masquerade party; so if want to make your next party fun and mystery, consider the following guide to throwing the best masquerade party ever.


Step One: Choose the time and location

The best time to throw a masquerade party is on a Friday or Saturday, when guests won’t have to worry about leaving early due to work the next morning. Remember to keep an eye out for conflicting events, such as holidays or other parties, as well.

The location of the masquerade party is essential. Do you have room in your home to throw a party? Or will you need to find someone willing to host it? You may also consider renting a venue, such as a party or event room.

Step Two: Decide on the Theme and Decor

A masquerade party would not be complete without some kind of theme, and thankfully there’s a nearly endless amount of options out there for masquerade themes. Fantasy, history, movies—the sky is the limit! Remember to keep your guest list in mind when deciding on a theme; it’s essential that the party will be accessible to everyone, so if your guest list isn’t the type to go all out with ball gowns and historical wigs, opt for a more down to earth masquerade theme.

Step Three: Send out the Invites in Advance (And Remember the Dress Code!)

What is the number one rule of any masquerade party? You must wear masquerade masks! When you send out your invitations, make sure that you lay out the dress code as clearly as possible. You can also encourage guests to wear his and her masks if they’ll be coming as a couple. If your party has a theme, make sure to note the theme on the invite so that people can have time to plan out their outfits.

Step Four: Amp Up Décor and Food for the Night

No one wants to don their best his and her masks and attend a masquerade party only to be served potato chips and dip in an undecorated living room. For your party, whether you’re hosting it at home or at an event room, make sure you go all out with décor and food. Lighting is a big part of décor, so make sure to keep the lighting low and candle-esque (faux candles are great for this!) to give the party the right atmosphere. If you plan on a sit-down dinner, feel free to plan out decadent meals; but if guests will be roaming only, stick to fancy finger foods like crab puffs, stuffed mushrooms, etc.

Step Five: Have the Best Evening Ever!

Don your masquerade masks and have a blast.