Make Your Wedding Unforgettable With These 4 Pieces of Eye-Catching Flair


Quick: what’s the one thing you simply couldn’t bear to do without at your wedding?

Were you really forced to choose, you’d (hopefully) say “my spouse-to-be.” Because, come on, you can’t have a wedding without a spouse-to-be.

Happily, no one’s forcing you to choose. But that doesn’t mean you can’t let your imagination wander all the same. There’s a whole host of less-than-essential items that could make the difference between a ho-hum tying of the knot and an unforgettable day (and night) that’ll leave your guests raving for years to come.


The secret sauce: memorable wedding flair. These four pieces of wedding flair are all either non-essential accessories to add to your ceremony or reception (or both), or variations on elements you’ll likely incorporate into your wedding anyway.

  1. Blush Wedding Gown

It’s almost 2020. The bride doesn’t have to be “all dressed in white” any longer.

Enter the blush wedding gown, the hottest piece of wearable wedding flair this side of…well, see below. Blush is perfect for outdoor weddings in dun- or reddish settings; if you’re getting hitched outdoors between the Rockies and the Pacific, there’s a good chance it’ll mesh well with your surroundings. Plus, blush-draped brides make bridesmaids’ color-coordination jobs a lot easier.

  1. Men’s Meteorite Wedding Bands

Diamond-studded engagement rings get all the play. Let’s give a little love to the humble men’s wedding band, why don’t we?

That’s a lot easier with the right band, of course. If you’re keen to make a statement, opt for a truly otherworldly accompaniment: a rings with meteorite inlays made from metal extracted from, well, meteorites. Talk about a conversation piece.

  1. Black Diamond Wedding & Engagement Rings

Black diamonds aren’t just for thrill-seeking powderheads anymore. Before you hit the slopes on your honeymoon, stake your claim to a darker sparkle with a black diamond engagement ring or wedding ring — or both, if this is a look you’re ready to get behind. Black diamonds aren’t pitch-black, exactly, but they’ve got a deep-blue hue that far exceeds your standard-issue sapphire. And they’ve got that unmistakable diamond cut. For a truly unforgettable statement, opt for a black diamond-studded band.

  1. Succulent Centerpieces

For many brides- and grooms-to-be, the table centerpiece is an afterthought. Set out a few glossy photos or flower arrangements, surround with some candles, and you’re good to go.

Don’t be like that. You can have it both ways: a low-maintenance centerpiece that your guests will actually remember the day after. (If, fingers crossed, they remember much at all about your wedding.) Choose a different succulent for each table and hold mini-raffles to pick the lucky guest who gets to take it home — if they’re willing to take a new plant into their home.

What’s Your Go-to Piece of Wedding Flair?

Flair is whatever you want it to be. That’s what makes it flair. Whatever you do, don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t display at your wedding.

Before the big day draws too near, sit down with your hubby-to-be and any other planning partners you’d like to include in the decision to determine just how you want your nuptials to look, smell, and feel. If it helps, make a list of all the different bits of wedding flair you’d like to see in action. Remember, you only get to do this once — or, at least, once in a great while.