Making Your Walls Pop

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Decorating your home lets you show off your unique style. When you are ready to change any room of your home into something that reflects your style and tastes, you will want to think beyond your furnishings and accents. The biggest canvas in the whole room is the walls, so why not think of different ways to put your style on the wall to bring it all together? Here are some options you can use with or instead of just a can of paint.

Often people think of wallpaper as an old fashioned application, but the choices for wallpaper today don’t have to be country flowers or little bunnies for a child’s room. There are thousands of wallpaper patterns to choose from, and many can still give you a sleek, modern look. Wallpaper patterns that use different textures or shades of the same color are a few ways you can get that more modern feel.

The best part about adding wallpaper all over or just as an accent wall is that if you don’t like a pattern that you see, patterns can be customized to meet your decorating needs.

Murals and Decals
To make sure your rooms look like you designed them, some homeowners choose to have murals painted on the walls. The only problem with a one-of-a-kind mural is that it may not appeal to everyone and you could take a hit on the resale value. However, there are wall mural decals you can purchase that give you a unique design for your wall, but make it much easier to remove than standard wallpaper or a mural painted directly on the surface.

If you want to keep your room a solid color but still want something special for the walls, you can add texture and still add any color that you want. With texture, you can either apply it in specific patterns or you can make it random, depending on what you think works best with the overall design of the room. Because a textured wall can be a little more difficult to paint, it is best to know the specific paint products and painting techniques needed to get the right look every time.