Making Your Move – How to Perfect Your Packing Before Moving Home


If you can’t imagine the words ‘perfect’ and ‘packing’ in the same sentence, then you may be doing it wrong. There is no science to packing for a move, but there are tips and techniques that will remove the drama and double your productive time. Whether the move is this week or this month, you can execute your moving day with total confidence and enviable perfection. Here’s how it’s done.


Hire a removalist

Once you go removalist, you will never go back. Surely you have had enough back-breaking moves that result in shattered possessions and expectations to know that it’s simply not worth doing without help. With the aid of quality removalists, you can breath easily knowing your possessions are going to be picked up and delivered exactly when they are supposed to. Not to mention ensuring they are in the condition that they were prior to your move.

It really should be that simple, and yet too many movers are not taking advantage of such a seamless service. Get back to project managing your move or take a break with a coffee, knowing your appliances and possessions are in safe and sturdy hands.

One room at a time

Contrary to your predictable historical data, the packing process does not involve jumping from one room to another frantically throwing your items into a box or bag. Take on packing one room at a time, and start in a place that can be packed down way ahead of time. Perhaps this is your laundry or guest bedroom, that are not used as frequently as your bedroom or kitchen.

This allows you to get a few easy rungs on the board, and will give you an idea of how long each room is going to take you to complete the task. If you live with housemates or have a family, taking one room at a time is a great and clear way to divide and conquer.

Equip yourself early

There is nothing worse than being on a roll with your packing, only to have to stop because you don’t have enough packing equipment or tools to get the job down. Before you take on any packing, make sure you have an abundant supply of tape, scissors, bubble wrap, packing paper, boxes or bags and markers. A generous supply of this equipment will get you pumping out fast and protected goods, ready to be transported and enjoyed at your new home.

Don’t let it consume you

Like anything in life, if you don’t enjoy it you will do a bad job and put it off altogether. Sure, packing is important and often time critical. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little bit of fun as you go. Create a packing station or production line in front of the television and enjoy a movie trilogy or binge a season of something you always wished you had time to watch. This will get you a little more eager to be a pack, and might actually score you an extra set of hands if you have some friends willing to work during a movie marathon.

Take a stand on boring packing procedures, and make it your own. Moving can be an all consuming task, but with the right planning and processes in place you can do it quickly and efficiently. You may even have a little bit of fun if you get creative enough. Hiring a removalists will be critical to the smooth running of your move, so don’t take on the challenge without one.