Marketing research paper: Common topics 


Most people see marketing as convincing people to buy a product or use a service the marketer offers. However, the field is vast. Students pursuing a marketing course learn a lot more besides advertising.

It is only possible to see how complex the marketing field is when students say write my research paper before the deadline. The subject is detailed, and learners have to search online for similar content to avoid producing a poor quality research paper.

Understand the term marketing more

The term marketing means the process of luring people to buy a product or use a service. You have to use convincing words and sound genuine to make the customer agree. If you are not serious, the person may not see the item’s value or service.

The subsections of marketing research paper writers include even or product, content, and social media.

Most people prefer using the internet to market their products and services. However, others love offline advertising where they meet customers face to face and convince them to try their items.

The first year of college entails learning the basics. Students who further their education get a chance to specialize and practice a specific skill in marketing and write a research paper.

The popular marketing research paper topics for college students 

The research paper assignment entails exploring something. For instance, you can get a topic discussing the advantages and disadvantages with supporting evidence.

Some of the joint research paper topics include:

1. Analyze the customer behavior when buying Coca-Cola products.

2. Write how companies exploit impulsive purchasing.

3. Provide a review of the advertising outcomes.

4. Write about well-advertised companies that got away with low-quality products.

5. Explain how celebrity endorsements on ROI impact brands.

6. How will Artificial Intelligence improve decision-making in marketing?

7. What are the effects of augmented reality on marketing?

8. How does social media affect purchasing choices?

9. How do companies use corporate social responsibility to ensure brand equity?

10. What characteristics do online buyers consider?

11. How do marketing strategies differ in various cultures?

12. How do brands find more clients?

13. How does brand image affect client loyalty?

14. What are the benefits of TV adverts?

15. Do people like getting click baited into sponsored ads?

16. How can you make people purchase luxury products?

17. How does organic search differ from paid search?

18. How do you promote content on Pinterest?

19. Which SEO tactics should people avoid?

20. How do you get more followers on social websites?

21. How do you create content that your social media followers love?

22. Which marketing tactic is the best?

23. How do you rebuild trust in marketing?

24. Which brand attributes improve customer loyalty?

25. Discuss the benefits of advertising on Facebook.

What to do to ensure you produce a top-quality research paper

  • Avoid providing points that have no evidence.
  • The sources you use must be credible.
  • Provide unique content.
  • Ensure the research paper has a flawless flow.
  • Revise your research paper before submitting it