Marketing to the different generations


When you’re planning your marketing and communications for the months or year ahead, it can be easy to plan the same sort of activities as years gone by. Let’s face it, when you’re looking at what campaigns you’ll be running, how many times have you thought about the different generations and demographics that you’re trying to target?

Each generation from the silent to the alpha, will react completely different to each strategy. Whether you opt for a Facebook campaign or store front banners and graphics, let’s take a look at each generation and what they prefer.

The Silent Generation: 1925 – 1945

Often known as the generation who are more technologically challenged than the rest, using traditional marketing methods will help to generate respect and trust. This particular generation lean more towards face-to-face communication, so, if you’re a shop this is ideal! It’s important to communicate information clearly and explain the services or products you provide. 

Baby Boomer Generation: 1946 – 1964

Still loving to leave a voicemail or two, the Baby Boomers are now using more social media channels like Facebook. Just like the Silent generation, they are loyal to the brands they love, so if you convince them your product or service is excellent quality, affordable and necessary, you’ll gain some of the most loyal customers out there. One of the top marketing tactics for this generation is to hit them with loyalty cards if your business can offer them!

Generation X: 1965 – 1976

This generation are now in the peak of their careers. Most of them own homes and they’re probably a lot busier than the other generations. Because they have so much to do, you’ll find them online a lot of the time, so if you have an online shopping presence or market online, you’re likely to reach this group. If you’re thinking about what marketing to do, try social media campaigns and PPC (pay per click) ads!

Millennials: 1977 – 1994

The millennials rule the world of social media. Most platforms have been around since they were teenagers or in their early twenties, so they’re pretty experienced on them. This generation values their friend’s recommendations and all things online shopping. However, although they love social media, they also value an older channel of communication – radio. If you’re looking for alternative marketing options, why not look at ads during podcasts or between songs on the radio.

iGen or Generation Z: 1995 – 2015

According to research by booklet printing company instantprint, generation Z are the first digital natives. The online world is their second home and they love nothing more than finding new internet trends and social media sites. They’re also the generation that’s a lot more environmentally conscious than any other, so if you’re getting physical marketing materials printed, opt for recycled paper where possible. 

One of the stand out things you can do to attract the Gen Zs of today is to use influencers for any social media campaigns. Be cautious when you choose which one however, as micro-influencers (accounts with between 1000 and 10,000 followers) actually drive 60% more traffic than celebrities.

With so much to think about when you’re planning your marketing activity for the year ahead, make sure you consider all of the generations out there, and that you’re hitting your target demographic.