Massage Therapy Can Do Wonders for Your Health and Wellbeing


From relieving pain relief to reducing depression and cancer symptoms, massage therapy is a great way to improve your overall health and wellness. The therapists at reputable places like Viva Day Spa are specially trained to work on connective tissues, muscles, skin, and ligaments to provide a wide variety of benefits. 

  1. It Relieves Postural Stress

People with desk jobs are generally more prone to stress that manifests in the neck and shoulders. Sitting at your desk for hours on end with little or no movement or stretching leads to a stress build-up in the back region as well. 

One of the best ways to bid adieu to the strain on the back, shoulders, and neck is massage therapy. Massages of different kinds focus on certain points of the body that helps counteract imbalance and pent-up stress from sitting.

  1. Eases Muscle Pain

It is no surprise that massage therapy helps relieve muscle pain. So many people instantly book a soothing massage session right after they get into a workout routine. The initial days of working out can lead to sore muscles. 

While the soreness improves as your muscles get used to your workout routine, massage therapy can help relax the muscles and speed up their healing process.

  1. Soothes Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

Since our body and mind are deeply connected, relaxing your body can also help relax your mind, which can soothe mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, and mental stress. 

Anecdotal evidence suggests that massage therapy can promote relaxation and relieve stress resulting from a hectic day or a busy week. While there’s a need for more research to understand how massaging certain areas of the body influences the levels of stress hormones, it definitely has proven beneficial in promoting relaxation while revitalizing the mind.

  1. Can Help with Insomnia

One of the direct impacts of being exposed to constant stress for a long duration is on sleep, which can often result in insomnia. This sleep condition is characterized by difficulty in falling asleep and retaining uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. 

Combined with various other remedies, such as reducing screen time before bed, not taking day-time naps, and having a proper routine, massage therapy on a regular basis can help bring down stress and encourage sleep.

  1. Joint Pain Relief

People with joint pains and arthritis can derive temporary but much-needed benefits from massage therapies. Conditions like arthritis cause pain and inflammation in the joints. When the affected areas are massaged, there is an increase in blood circulation to these areas, and the act of kneading the target muscles and joints can provide temporary relief from chronic pain.

  1. Relief from Headache

There are various types of headaches, and tension and concentration headaches are the two primary types that can be handled with the help of massages. These forms of headaches cause a feeling of heaviness on the head as if there’s a tight band wrapped around the head. Massaging the head, shoulders, and neck can alleviate these symptoms by relieving muscle tension.