How To Match Your Wedding Entertainment To Your Style


When it comes to the entertainment at your wedding, you want to choose an option that will meet your style and wedding décor. The type of entertainment best suited for your wedding should be determined on a number of factors, such as location, audience and type of wedding. Are you having an outdoor wedding or will it be in a small venue? Brides on a mission for entertainment should consider several options to choose the right style for their wedding. These are factors to consider in order to ensure you choose the right entertainment for this memorable occasion.

A Large Venue

When you book your wedding in a large venue, then you have plenty of room to party. If you have always dreamed of a live band or DJ at your wedding, then you want to book a large venue so you have room to boogie down. You can easily find a large venue to suit your wedding entertainment needs such as a conference hall, church reception hall, barn or other venue. Think about the layout of your entertainment needs when choosing a space. If you want a dance floor, be sure that venue has enough room to accommodate one.

An Intimate Affair

If you are planning an intimate gathering you can choose entertainment that is more in the background or up close and personal. Hire a violist or small group of musicians to play classical music while everyone enjoys their meal. For a more intimate offering that provides up close and personal entertainment, hire a magician. What fun it will be for guests to experience slight of hand while gathered at their dining table! A magician can easily move from table to table, entertaining your guests with unique tricks.

Photo Booth Fun

Many weddings today are opting for a unique entertainment approach. Photo booths are a common way that the bride and groom can remember the special day but also provide mementoes for guests. By setting up a photo booth, you can allow guests to be silly and have fun taking photos. You can create props based on the theme of your wedding or just offer silly options for guests to use, such as mustaches, big smiles or floppy hats. Whatever you choose, be sure guests know that you will have a photo booth and be ready to get in on the fun!

Outdoor Celebration

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, there are many ways to provide entertainment for guests. One example would be to create a firepit or small bonfire. Guests can enjoy the hot fire during a fall or winter wedding for warmth, but you can also create little smores packages where guests can make their own sweet treat after the wedding is over. If you are having a family wedding with lots of children invited, create an outdoor gaming or fun area. This is a great way to provide entertainment for the little ones while the grownups enjoy dinner or drinks.

These are just a few examples of what types of entertainment you can enjoy at your wedding. Think outside the box and you should easily be able to find something that meets your budget needs as well as wedding style.