A mattress that’s designed for the way you sleep


I sleep, you sleep, we all sleep … but differently.  Some of us are side sleepers; others sleep on our backs or stomachs.  Some of us weigh over 250 pounds; some of us weigh under 100 pounds.  Some of us like to sleep on a mattress that feels like we are floating on a cloud; and others like a mattress that feels more like the hard floor.  Needless to say, we all do not like the same bed, and that’s why the latest generation of online mattresses, Luxi, created a mattress that easily coverts to soft, medium or firm, on one or both sides, so it’s is perfect for you and any sleeping partner.

In an age when consumers are accustomed to having access to any kind of consumer goods and many choices online, Luxi eschews the one-size-fits-all model of other online mattresses in favor of a design that adapts to satisfy many needs and preferences. In one product, a buyer has a mattress that can adjust for a change in lifestyle.  No matter if a bed for one becomes a bed for two, or if pregnancy, weight gain or loss, injury or illness or any other factor that might impact the needs and preferences for a sleep surface occurs, Luxi is the only mattress needed to accommodate all of these life changes.

Consumers and industry trendsetters have recognized Luxi’s design as the next wave of online mattress. In addition to Luxi’s high-performing innovative design, the company had garnered acclaim for its industry-leading high degree of quality contro

l, which the company can achieve because it manufacturers its products itself.  Luxi also sources the highest quality raw materials and uses superior packaging and shipping methods, direct to the consumer’s door. For these reasons, Luxi earned it the rating of the #1 performance mattress in the world by leading industry reviewer, The Sleep Sherpa.


In support of Better Sleep Month, Luxi is giving away a free mattress every Monday in May. To enter simply fill out the entry form, beginning April 25, at www.LuxiSleep.com/mattressmonday for up to five chances to win a free Luxi!