Do Mattresses Come In Standard Sizes?


If you are thinking about purchasing a mattress, then you will want to know the different sizes that are on the market today. We of course know about Queen and King size mattresses. But what other sizes are out there? Are there standard sizes for mattresses?

Within the United States of America or Canada, there are sizes that range from the smallest Cradle Mattress to the largest California King mattress size. Each mattress has a standard size which you will have to decide if it is right for you.

HERE you will begin to see that there are standard sizes of mattresses to fit your individual needs.


For your little baby that is just being brought home from the hospital, the Cradle Mattress should be sufficient. With an area size of either 18 x 36 inches or 15 x 33 inches, these Cradle Mattresses can be used until the baby has grown to where he or she needs the Crib Mattress.


Your baby has outgrown the smaller Cradle Mattress and is ready for the next size Crib Mattress. These mattresses measure 28 x 52 inches and are usually limited to 4 inches thickness. The Crib Mattress will be used for your infant or toddler until they have outgrown this and are ready to move to the Twin Mattress.


The Twin Mattress can be used for a small child who is able to get in and out of bed comfortably on his/her own. The Twin Mattress measures 39 x 75 inches with a thickness from 8 to 10 inches.


You will usually find this Twin XL size mattress in college dormitories where there is little space, but where there is a young adult who needs more room in their mattress. The mattress area is 39 x 80 inches.


The Full Mattress works well for those with an average weight and height. Usually those people who are shorter than five feet nine inches will fit well with the Full Mattress. The area size for this mattress is 54 x 75 inches.


One of the most commonly used and bought mattresses for adults is the Queen Mattress. This mattress will allow for more room if the person is a little larger than average weight. A person who is average height will usually fit most comfortably with a Queen Mattress. The area size for a standard Queen Mattress is 60 x 80 inches.


The King Mattress is used for the person who is above average height and weight. Usually a person measuring more than five feet nine inches may want to look at purchasing a King Mattress. Also, if the person is a lot larger than average weight will need to look at a King Mattress. The King Mattress area is 76 x 80 inches.


Usually reserved for the tallest and the largest people (i.e. athletes, etc., the California King size mattress is the largest mattress being sold on the USA/Canadian market today. The area size is 72 x 84 inches and is meant for the elite athlete or a very large person in height and weight who needs more space than anyone. 

As with anything, always know your body measurements before going to the store to purchase. There are some stores that will allow you to lie down on the actual mattress to make sure that it is the right fit for you. Choosing the right size mattress can alleviate a lot of issues, like back pain and other health related problems. Choose your mattress size wisely and start to get a good night’s sleep.