Mauritius Travel Packages – A Complete Guide to Your Vacation


If you’re thinking about spending some time in the tropical paradise that is Mauritius, then you’ve come to the right place! At Mauritius Travel Packages, we specialize in all kinds of travel packages that will meet your every need. Our packages are guaranteed to provide the perfect start and end to your vacation, whether you are looking for an action-packed adventure or want to relax on the beach while sipping drinks from umbrella-topped tables! All of our packages include everything from airfare to accommodations, saving you money and ensuring that you get the best possible deal on everything that matters to you.

5 Reasons to Visit Mauritius

Have you ever wanted to visit a remote island with beautiful beaches and turquoise water, wild monkeys running through lush forests, great seafood and some of the world’s best resorts? Well, I am talking about Mauritius. There are so many reasons to travel in Mauritius that it is impossible for me to list them all here. So if you want more info about what we call paradise on earth check out our complete guide! Here are my top 5 reasons why you should consider visiting Mauritius: 1) Nature at its Best: Our island offers an amazing mix of beaches and forests. The west coast has pristine white sand beaches lined with palm trees and turquoise waters; great for surfing, snorkeling or just relaxing on your beach chair.

What to Do in Mauritius

Mauritius is an island paradise with a long and glorious history. With abundant white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, fascinating colonial architecture, and a tropical climate year-round, Mauritius is one of Africa’s most beautiful destinations. Here are some highlights that travelers should consider when planning their trips to Mauritius: On your first day in Mauritius, make sure you see at least one of these places: The capital city of Port Louis boasts colorful buildings and plenty of local flavor; visit Port Louis on foot or hop on a bus tour. Vacoas-Phoenix combines vibrant culture with pristine beaches; take a walking tour around town to immerse yourself in local life.

How to Book Flights

It’s a good idea to start early when booking flights for your Mauritius vacation. Airlines often offer attractive deals on certain days or at certain times of day, so it pays to keep an eye out for them as you plan your travel. Airline ticket prices can fluctuate significantly over time, so be sure to monitor ticket prices throughout your planning process. Airfare will make up a large part of your Mauritian vacation budget; it’s best not to spend too much on flights and splurge elsewhere!

Where to Stay

Choosing where to stay can be a huge challenge. There are plenty of options: resorts, hotels, Airbnb, villas—the list goes on. When deciding where you should stay while on vacation, consider what is most important to you in your hotel room. Do you want luxury? Convenience? The beach nearby? For example, if being right by a beach is really important to you, consider getting a hotel with an ocean view or choosing a resort instead of an Airbnb. You’ll get exactly what you want and won’t have to worry about cost-cutting measures that may compromise your experience. In addition, make sure that any place you choose has good ratings online and is safe. After all—you’ll be spending lots of time there!

Weather Information

Mauritius climate is tropical with two seasons, a hot and humid summer from November to April, and a warm and dry winter from May to October. The south-east monsoon brings heavy rains during June, July and August. Cyclones are common between January and March. The best time for Mauritian holidays is from November to April when it is cooler in Mauritius than at other times of year. Although some areas of Mauritius can be cool in winter. From April to October temperatures rise above 30°C (86°F) although high humidity means that it feels much hotter.


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