Maximizing Space in Your Home Workshop

Modern Home Office Designs

For those of us lucky enough to have a workshop in or near our homes, it can often seem like there is never enough space for all of the stuff we’d like. Fortunately, there are a few tricks out there for people looking to get the most out of a small (or smaller than ideal) home workshop. Utilizing these easy tips can make your work more fun, make it easier to move around, and maybe even make room for that new piece of equipment you’ve had your eye on.

Multi-Purpose Seating

In a home workshop, many different tasks are often undertaken in the same general area. You may need to access multiple pieces of equipment that are set at different heights, or perhaps you also occasionally see clients or even entertain in your workspace. Purchasing a different seat for each task can be expensive and also takes up precious space. Consider seating that can multi-task. Work stools with adjustable heights are a great solution to this problem. Not only do stools take up less space than most chairs, the adjustable height means a single stool can work for multiple tasks.

Think Vertically

Storage is one of the most important parts of any home workshop, and one of the most difficult to plan ahead of time. It can be difficult to know exactly what kinds of storage you will need and where everything should go to be the most efficient. Planning this out as much as possible ahead of time can make the difference between a workspace where everything is easy to find and a chaotic mess. When planning your storage, be sure to think vertically. From the floor to the ceiling, every inch of wall is a candidate for some kind of storage solution. Even ceilings can support racks, hooks, and certain kinds of shelves. Many people neglect higher opportunities for storage and find themselves wading through unnecessary clutter as a result.

Let There Be Light

Although adding lights to your workspace doesn’t actually add any more room, it can increase the space at which it is comfortable to work and may also make your room feel larger. By making sure as many corners and crannies as possible are well-lit, you are maximizing the area where you can easily see what you are doing and therefore giving yourself more potential surfaces for creativity.

Make Time for Cleaning

Although it isn’t always the most fun part about having a home workshop, keeping it clean and tidy is an intrinsic part to making the most of the space you have. Leaving tools, half-finished projects, and half-eaten sandwiches out in the open only steals space away from whatever you’re currently working on (and may also attract ants). Be sure to take the time out of your busy schedule to put things away when you are done with them and clean up any messes. Doing so will maximize your space and make that space a much more pleasant place to work.

Only by taking the time to care for your home workspace will you get the most use out of it. Incorporating even one of these ideas might give you just enough extra room to work more quickly and more creatively on whatever projects that inspire you.