Medical miracle in Croatia by separating Siamese twins


The medical team, the staff and everyone that forms part of the clinic “Rebro” from Zagreb, Croatia, has something to be proud of. To be more precise, they have done something no one ever managed to do before, at least not successfully. They have done a much needed yet complicated surgery. They had the challenge to separate Siamese twins, which they have done it with an excellent ending. That’s one of the most complicated surgeries a doctor can take the responsibility to do because so far, the best result have been saving only one of the babies. In plenty of cases both of the babies would die, which is something both the doctors and the parents are afraid of.

Valentina and Cristina were born in January this year. They were born as Siamese twins connected with the lungs, the liver and the intestines. Knowing this fact we can imagine the difficulties the doctors have faced. The surgery in order to separate them was one of the most complicated cases in the history of the medicine. It was the second such case in the world to be done. The success of this surgery is considered as a medical miracle. The reason for this is because in the first such case only one of the twins have survived.


A team of as much as fourteen well-prepared doctors collaborated in the surgery. It took them about fifteen hours of hard and exhausting work to end the surgery well. The parents Maria and Peter were by their side during whole the surgery. The two girl-twins were suffering from an interdigital transfusion syndrome. This is what makes this case such complicated therefore they couldn’t wait way too much before they do the surgery. They were even born way too soon. To be more precise, in the thirty third week of the pregnancy of his mother. That’s why that little warriors have spent the first five weeks of their lives in preparation for the surgery.

Ever since the third month of pregnancy the mother was familiar with the fact that she is pregnant with Siamese twins. Everyone have suggested her to do an abortion. However her faith and love for the life have convinced her to keep the babies, which is something the father of the babies strongly supported her. The mother does not refuse to say that she has had nightmares and problems during all her pregnancy. However, the final result of the surgery was something she finds most stressful.

Another difficulties the doctors have faced was the placement of the hearts of both of the babies. They were placed too close one to another which was something they had to pay closer attention to. Today, after the successful surgery everyone have forgotten about the difficult hours but rather remember the final happy result after it. They are so proud of their work, especially because they saved two precious lives even though it seemed like something impossible.

“Such a surgery is difficult to repeat twice” – claim the main surgeon, especially when who babies are in question. They have a huge story to tell.