Men’s Fashion Trends Of 2022


Let’s set the scene, it’s the start of 2022 and you’re in need of a wardrobe update. You want something trendy that’s unique, but you’re not sure what to look for.

Not to worry, we’ll break down the best pieces to add to your wardrobe this 2022.

Men’s vintage clothing has seen a rise in popularity in recent years, with consumers more conscious about the environmental implications of fashion and the aesthetic of the ”older” vintage look. 

Hence it’s time to pivot towards the vintage appeal of our older clothing instead of participating in fast fashion.  

We have come across some clothing pieces that respond to future trends, but will make you feel unique and special.

The Everyday Smart Trousers

A must in your wardrobe. If you want a versatile piece of clothing to match your favourite jumper, comfortable and stylish, the Smart Trousers are the answer.

The everyday smart trousers are being worn more frequently in a casual manner. This is because it can elevate any outfit very easily with minimal effort. All you need to your smart trousers, a nice belt, and you are all set.

A perfect example of the trouser we all need to add to the wardrobe is the Tartan trousers. It is well suited for any occasion, whether to impress your date or just something to throw on for the shopping run. What makes these trousers unique is that it’s functionally fashionable and you do not need a different pair of trousers for all occasions when you can have just one!

Warm Knit Wear For Your 2022 Look

Living in a cold climate means that knitwear is essential to your wardrobe. A piece that is a must-have this 2022 is the Waffle Knit Cardigans. 

This unique piece is perfect to layer within the colder months and can be worn in the warm seasons with a simple t-shirt. Plus, there is no need to hunt on mainstream brands for a good quality cardigan. 

Instead of contributing to fast fashion for a poor quality cardigan, have a look from the original vintage connoisseur. Slight oversized? Or maybe a little longer? That’s what vintage is all about. We use our unique sense of style to construct the best outfits with what we have. 

The Throwback Jacket

Of course, we can’t forget the last throwback jacket we will be taking everywhere. 

A jacket completes an outfit, and the perfect vintage jacket will make us stand out from the mass of fashionistas today.  

All in all, fashion is about us and what makes us feel like ourselves. Adding a new element here and there is the exploration of style and self-expression. Of course, the vintage approach to fashion benefits everyone, but we may not always have those favourite pieces on hand. An alternative will be to shop sustainably from a vintage brand. Relco London has men’s vintage clothing and vintage pieces that you might want to add to your wardrobe for 2022.