Methods for Modifying IP Address and Location


These days, you’re never truly alone, whether you’re scrolling through social media in the bathroom or watching a movie on your PC. Sometimes to utilize some apps, you need to provide location information. Unblocking geo-restricted information from all over the globe is a breeze using this approach. We’ll provide you with several additional location hints and advice if you’re using a PC, as well as the simplest method for changing your address without really relocating. Let’s get started.


Are you wondering what is VPN used for despite being a terrific complement to your online security?

There are a few more advantages to altering your location and IP address:

  • Enhanced online safety
  • Robust privacy
  • Using a geoblock to access data
  • Avoiding firewalls
  • Internet buying offers financial savings

How to use a VPN to modify your location?

Here are the steps to changing your location quickly and easily:

  • Obtain a VPN.
  • Pick a plan.
  • Register using your email.
  • Launch the app.
  • Using your email to log in.
  • Link up with a server. – This is where you connect to a location by selecting it from the given selection. You can utilize a smart location tool to acquire the greatest connection possible if you don’t have a chosen region.

How can you tell whether the location of your VPN has altered?

To ensure that your VPN is operating as planned, it is important to examine its address. Using IP address detection software is a simple way to accomplish this.

If you’re using a VPN and your IP address is still indicating your physical location, the VPN program is insecure and not operating as intended. You’ll have to change to a different provider if this is the situation in order to secure your connection


It works much like a VPN. By connecting on your behalf and sending the proxy’s location to the webpage rather than your own, a proxy serves as a mediator. The biggest distinction is that a proxy does not secure your connection as a VPN does. Your IP address must be changed and modified through a proxy by definition. VPN services typically provide additional functionality.


Your interactions are routed through a collection of nodes located all over the world to make it operate. It is difficult to identify the first link referring to you because each node only remembers the nodes that occurred before it and after it. Furthermore, because the Tor network frequently sends you via a minimum of three nodes, it has a substantial bad effect on your network performance. Do you really want that?

Disconnect your modem

Your ISP provides an IP address to your connection when you access the internet. If the IP address you were utilizing was actually assigned to someone’s connection, you might be provided a different one if you completely withdraw from your modem, await a couple of minutes, and then connect again. There is no assurance that you won’t receive the same one afterward.

Demand that your Internet Service Provider changes your IP address

You may request your ISP to assign your network or gadget a new IP address by contacting them. However, given the IP address they provide, you will constantly be linked to the area of your router or device, this isn’t a really practical choice to use frequently, and therefore won’t be willing to give you a fresh location.

Wrap up

We hope that we were able to cover everything you wanted to know about altering your location and IP address. Have you tried one of these methods? Which one works best for you?