Mind Blowing Gabion Planters You Must See


Gabions are really strong structured, often used for road building, military applications and erosion control. They are more of a combination of wire and rocks. And the natural look of the rock make them fit perfectly with the landscape too, which is why they are also used as part of a backyard decor. So, choosing some gabion planters instead of plain ones cannot be a bad idea and you will agree with this once you finish reading this article.

Gabion planters can be quite versatile in terms of size and shape, as well as the type of stones you use. White stones and pebbles are the most common choice, but you can use anything else you like. The main reason why gabions are getting quite popular for making planters is their ability to let water drain freely. And not to forget to mention that they look pretty unique and can fit into the landscape easily. So, go ahead now and see the gabion planters that we have chosen for you and get inspired to add some such planters in your yard too.

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Mind Blowing Gabion Planters

Photo via: 6decor.com
Photo via: 6decor.com
Photo via: homestead-and-survival.com
Photo via: elektropa.nl
Photo via: siteforeverything.com
Photo via: siteforeverything.com

As you can notice, gabion planters can be quite versatile. You can even find some gabion benches with built-in planters which look awesome. They are great choice for you if your yard is a small one and don’t have space enough for adding both benches and planters.

Photo via: vipatrade.unas.hu
Photo via: vipatrade.unas.hu

Or you can even use gabion to make a spiral garden. This one here is made of wire and brown stones, and you can agree with us that it looks pretty amazing.

Photo via: justbestgardenideas.com
Photo via: umhauser.com

And who says, that the plants should be on top and stones on bottom, when you can make some holes on the side and fill them with plants to make a beautiful tiered planters.

Photo via: ideipentrucasa.ro
Photo via: sabah.com.tr
gabion planters
Photo via: siteforeverything.com

So, would you choose some gabion planters for your outdoors instead of regular ones? Tell us in the comments and make sure to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other decor ideas for your outdoor space.