The Minimalist Guide to Luxury Living Apartments


If you think the idea of renting a luxury apartment is an impractical idea, think again. There are unique benefits to quality living that just can’t be found in regular apartments.

Specifically, there are three major advantages to luxury living: amenities, safety, and accessibility. Let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits:


Amenities not only look good, but they feel good. For instance, imagine walking into an ordinary room in an apartment; now, imagine walking into one with tall ceilings, crown molding, a fireplace, and exquisite windows and doors, with everything painted the perfect color. You will feel better instantly. If you appreciate living in a beautiful setting, then renting a unit at an apartment complex that specializes in adding that luxurious touch to everyday living might be worth it.

Here is a short list of some of the amenities, you may find in a luxury apartment:

1      Valet trash pickup services a few times each week. You don’t have to dispose of your own trash in the dumpster—just drag it to the curb and let the maintenance crew get rid of it for you.

2      Huge ceilings, usually with crown molding, not only improves the way the apartment looks, making even small units feel bigger, but also help with keeping the apartment cool during hot summers without turning up the air conditioning.

3      Quick repair services. When things fall apart, as they inevitably will in all buildings, help is only a phone call away.

4      Fitness centers.

5      Parking spaces.

6      Dishwashers and dryers.

7      Additional storage spaces.


Safety is a big feature in luxury living. You will be much safer here than in most other complexes. There will usually be security gates and security doors to different parts of the complex, and these require special access codes to prevent potential intruders. What’s more, there will also be home monitoring systems set up for each unit and possibly even 24-hour alarm security.


Usually, these apartments are built in locations that are close to key urban centers. The apartments at Crystal City, for example, are close to the Crystal City Metro, which offers high-quality stores, restaurants and eateries, and businesses, as well as the Crystal City Underground. Suppose, you would like to go for brunch with your spouse, then you could stop by the Carlyle for sauteed jumbo lump crab cakes, complete with poached eggs and, of course, hollandaise.


When it comes to luxury living, even those who can easily afford it hesitate. However, this is not frivolous living, because the value you get is so superior that you definitely get your money’s worth. Naturally, you will have to pay more than just an ordinary apartment, but you also get a lot more, and with the new surge in popularity of luxury apartments, you might be surprised at how much less it cost than you imagined. A complex filled with amenities, additional safety, and incredible accessibility to town may very well be an investment worth making.