Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Decorate Your Home Using These 7 Ideas


Mirrors have long been considered a tool of luck and divine power when used in the proper manner. In addition, they can be found in an array of sizes, shapes and styles, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your personal style and decor. Here are seven ways to integrate mirrors into the decoration of your home.

  1. Showcase Specific Pieces

Place a mirror directly behind a favorite lamp or across from a beloved painting. This allows you to showcase the piece while allowing guests to see it from various points throughout the room. 

  1. Double Your Windows

Do you wish you had more windows in your living room? That is not as difficult of a feat as you might think. Utilize mirrors in spaces to reflect the windows you do have, which will give the illusion of multiple sets in the room. A bonus: You only have to purchase one set of window treatments!

  1. Grouping Effect

You can reflect light in a room while focusing on your sense of design by incorporating the grouping effect. Place a variety of mirrors on a wall in one area or go bold with a single contemporary piece that is created from multiple small geometric shaped mirrors.

  1. Furniture Backdrop

Open up the room by including a full mirror behind your sofa. If you opt for a large piece, you can likely get away with a little big larger furniture in a space without feeling too cluttered.

  1. Kitchen Aid

Feng Shui suggests mirrors can be used to attract wealth and the kitchen is one particular place where this is believed to be true. Tap into the age old techniques by affixing a mirror behind your cooking area, which is said to bring abundance to you and your family. The placement of a mirror near your dining table is another symbolic way to bring wealth into your home.

  1. Open the Hallway

Place a full length mirror at the end of a hallway to give the illusion of an ongoing space. Place a small decorative table in front of the mirror to let guests know that the walkway does, indeed, end so you can avoid bumped heads.

  1. Cozy Up an Outdoor Space

Mirrors are not just relegated to the interior of your home; you can cozy up an outdoor space by placing a mirror on the exterior wall of your home above a patio sofa or serving area. This creates an intimate vibe while also reflecting natural light and natural scenery.

Mirrors can be used in any room of your home — both inside and out. Do not be afraid to use multiple in an area as you can liven up a space immensely with the proper placement and stylish ornamentation.