Modern couples creating unique wedding invitations


Tying the knot with that special someone is just a dream come true and the excitement of  wedding planning is truly an incredible experience. Knowing that you want to spend the rest of your life with that special someone and that they want the same thing is one of the best feelings in the entire world. It also happens to be a feeling that often, if not always, goes hand in hand with quite a lot of intricate planning leading up to the wedding day itself – the grand and most anticipated start to this new and exciting chapter in your lives. And there are many moving pieces in the wedding planning process, all of which have their role to play.

Of course, the wedding industry has its ebbs and flows that come in and out of trending fashion as the years go by, each of which has its appeal and its own time in the limelight. In recent years, many engaged couples have stepped out of their comfort zones, away from the more traditional wedding planning processes and have begun to express their romance through unique ideas, organising and stylings that best mirror their personalities. With this, we have seen a growing fusion of vintage and contemporary, bold statements, simple backyard soirees and over-the-top extravaganza from wedding invitations to wedding receptions. Each so unique and fully representing the couple in the truest way possible.

The importance of the right invitations

Let’s consider the most basic element of the planning process – and how your perfect wedding invitation card will look and feel. Rather than going with the same cut and dry wedding invitation templates that the rest of the world seems to be using at all times, modern couples are putting in the effort and taking the time to find – or even create – the right breathtaking invitation for their day. Gone are the days of immaculate white invites where all the frills and lace are also in white and the only element that gives colour is the black print. 

Now, couples have fun setting the tone of their wedding day by choosing wedding invites or creating their designs featuring bold or vibrant colours, textures and various impressive print finishes. From intricate laser die-cutting and fabric-made pockets to deeply impressed prints to blinged-up creations using foil stamping and gem embellishments. It is a huge leap towards taking the wedding process to the next level and it is just the start.  

More emphasis on creating unique invitations

Invitations were specifically used as a wedding announcement in the past which explains the standard colour palette and styles. Today, it serves not only as an announcement, but by creating unique wedding invitations couples give more of a personal sense of who they are, what is important to them, and what guests can expect on the wedding day. 

Surprisingly, there is more emphasis on creating unique invitations than ever before. There is more focus on ensuring that unique wedding invitations become an important element in a wedding planning process, staples in how a wedding day comes together and more of “the norm” in expression and less of the exception.

Modern couples embrace creating their day

Today, modern couples are not afraid of being more expressive and intentional while creating their entire wedding day around who they are and what matters to them most rather than sticking to the status quo as it has been through the years. Without a doubt, it is an entirely new era in weddings and it has made the whole wedding planning much more exciting than ever before. Couples are now taking all aspects of the planning process and giving each their twist to create every element in reflection of themselves. To others, this may seem like a complex affair that completely shuns the conventional and solemn way of celebrating marriage, but to a couple of today – unafraid to step out of traditional ways, the process is easily organised and acted on since they are simply creating everything according to who and what they are. This in itself is a celebration of their relationship and their much-awaited big day.