Modern Kitchen Designs: What’s Hot and What’s Not


In the modern kitchen, form, function, and technology all blend seamlessly to create a space that is convenient and useful for all types of needs. Between the amount of time spent in the kitchen and the sheer fact that it can add so much to a home’s value, there are plenty of reasons to upgrade your kitchen as your next big project. To help you get started, here are the latest trends and styles in modern kitchen design

Smart, Efficient Spaces

From incorporating smart technology to designing multi-use cabinets and islands, there are a lot of design concepts and trends focused on increasing the efficiency of the kitchen space. Homeowners can incorporate smart appliances and water fixtures into their kitchens, along with smart lighting and outlets. A lot of devices can be integrated with voice assistants like Google Home or apps on your various smart devices. 

Custom Pantries and Storage

Having the right storage is still crucial to every kitchen, a matter that has been important for kitchen design for many years. Bespoke, or custom, pantries, and cabinets are increasing in popularity among the average homeowner market, offering a variety of styles and designs that are much more budget-friendly than people think. In addition to keeping things easily accessible, you can get a custom design that suits your tastes and primary kitchen uses. 

Multipurpose Islands

Forget peninsulas– they’re usually poorly designed and create an awkward space by sticking out into the room. Freestanding islands are a much hotter design trend right now, and for a good reason. These islands come in every shape and size imaginable and can serve as storage spaces, tables, and so much more. You can use custom cabinetry and other design solutions to create a versatile island that serves as many purposes as you need. 

Bar Seating

Counter-height islands and seating are still on trend for the coming year, with more and more tables being made in this specific height requirement. Some people are still investing in standard-height tables and chairs, but in the kitchen and especially on the island, the counter height stool is the preferred choice. Not only is it more functional in some designs, but it adds a posh touch to any kitchen. 

Bold Colours

Right now, the U.S. isn’t the only place where bold colours are on-trend. Kitchens with black, navy, and other dark walls or cabinets are growing in popularity. Typically, people chose bright, inviting colours for the kitchen. These warmer, darker colours can offer a much more luxurious looking finish and change up the feel of the space. While the classic all-white kitchen is gorgeous, bolder colours can make a lasting impression. 

Wrapping Up

Kitchen design is no longer just about practical use. It’s about creating a multi-purpose space that truly is the centre of the home. Take advantage of technology and modern appliances to create a well-designed, functional space. Remember to consult popular kitchen design websites and online galleries for your own inspiration, and you’ll be well on your way to creating the trendy kitchen you’ve always wanted.