A Modern Take on an Old-School Style: Take the Plunge with Freestanding Bathtubs


You’ve probably seen old photos or videos of homes with bathrooms that reflect a different era entirely – we’re talking about the bathrooms with separate showers and tubs. Old school style was to have these facilities as two separate entities entirely, but as decades progressed, the two bathroom facets were molded into one. Now, modern style is taking a retro twist – the freestanding bathtub is back, and it’s more in demand than ever. For example, freestanding bathtubs from Kardiel are all the rage currently, and their popularity is only increasing. But why are homeowners, designers, and lifestyle enthusiasts going nuts about these freestanding tubs? Read on for a few of our favorite reasons that the freestanding tub is back in style.

Top Three Reasons Homeowners & Designers Love the Freestanding Tub Again

Freestanding bathtubs, like those a Showersly, are becoming staples in newly designed homes, and even becoming the sole reasons for remodeling entire bathrooms. They come in a variety of colors, styles, sizes, and more. But why are these retro designs so popular? Is there more to it than just nostalgia?

Elegance, Drama, Design

It goes without saying that freestanding tub offers a sharp piece of drama to your uniquely designed bathroom. The tubs themselves can be the focal point of your bathroom, come in pared back shapes or on-trend colors, and can be easy to replace, repair, and rearrange. Freestanding tubs can offer you things in-built types cannot – the freedom of space, no location restriction, and the ability to design a custom statement piece that can draw eyes to your expertly designed bathroom.

Size and Roominess

One of the undisputed, biggest benefits of having a freestanding tub is the extra amount of space you’ll get from it. Freestanding tubs are primarily for soaking, so they’re designed to fit you for long periods of time to ensure your comfort. Most tubs will be built between 45 and 75 inches, but lots of them will be built beyond those dimensions. Typically, the width of them will start at 25 and stretch to about 45 (of course, tubs can be customized). These tubs are free from the restrictions of tight corners and shower details, so they certainly give you the extra amount of tub-only room you require.  They are also typically higher on one end, making them ideal for resting comfortable and bathing.

Easy Installation

One of the most practical reasons to fall in love with freestanding tubs are the absolute ease that come with installing them. Often, working a in-built tub into your bathroom or home design plan can be complicated, but a freestanding tub won’t require the stress or headache, you can often even install them on your own. There are plenty of online guides that can help you with installation, or you can hire a plumber to help you for a cheaper price than an in-built tub and shower. As an added benefit, you can likely place a freestanding tub any place you’d like in your bathroom, while an in-built tub requires far more strategic planning, time, and will often look cramped in a corner somewhere.