Montenegro yacht charter: A luxurious getaway to remember


A Montenegro yacht charter offers the opportunity to explore one of the least travelled Mediterranean destinations and one of the smallest countries in the region. It is also a great base from which to discover nearby yachting destinations in the Adriatic Sea, including Croatia, Albania, and the east coast of Italy.

Montenegro offers a spectacular coastline, majestic mountains, beautiful beaches, Medieval villages, welcoming people, and a rich culture and heritage. If you are seeking a unique vacation getaway, then Montenegro might be the perfect destination. Here are some of the best things to see and do during a luxury crewed yacht holiday in Montenegro.

Montenegro yacht charter

Enjoy a rafting experience in Tara Canyon

Tara Canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world and offers scenic views and a range of outdoor activities. One of the most popular is rafting, with the river offering some 69 rapids to navigate. The canyon is a haven for wildlife too, including bears, wolves, foxes, eagles, griffon vultures, and hawks. For those seeking a thrilling experience, a rafting adventure in Tara Canyon is a Montenegro yacht charter must.  

Hike around Durmitor’s Black Lake

Montenegro’s rugged interior makes for great hiking, biking, or even horse riding. Some of the country’s most spectacular regions include the rugged mountains of Durmitor and Prokletije, as well as the forested area of Biogradska Gora. The Black Lake in Durmitor offers a stunning scenic backdrop. A 4-km track loops around the lake, which makes for a wonderful walk whilst enjoying some of the most beautiful scenery in Montenegro.

Discover Budva

Budva is an ancient picturesque coastal town packed with history and culture and a popular seaside destination with Montenegrins. Head to the Old Town, one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic Sea. Here you’ll find ancient palaces and churches, in addition to local boutiques, restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy traditional Montenegrin cuisine. A must-see is the Citadel, an ancient fortress which was built to protect Budva from attacks from the sea. Don’t forget to head to Budva’s pretty pebble beach during a Montenegro yacht charter. Lined with tables managed by nearby cafes, it is the perfect spot to enjoy a leisurely drink while watching local life unfold.

Explore Kotor

Not far from Budva you’ll find the pretty fortified seaside town of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stari Grad, the Old Town of Kotor, dates back to Roman times. It is packed with cultural charm and is not to be missed during a Montenegro yacht charter.  Explore the Old Town’s cobbled streets and ancient churches. Make sure you check out the Main Square as well as the Clock Tower. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Medieval San Giovanni Fortress, which sits high above the city walls of Kotor’s Old Town. While the climb is viewed as arduous by many, it is well worth the spectacular views!

When to enjoy a Montenegro yacht charter?

A Montenegro yacht charter can be enjoyed year-round. If you seek sun-filled days, the best time to enjoy a yacht rental in Montenegro is during the summer months. However, some popular destinations can be crowded at this time of year. Spring and Autumn are often less crowded and temperatures are still balmy. If you wish to escape the crowds, then head to Montenegro in winter. However, you may find some attractions are shut. 

If you are interested in enjoying a Montenegro yacht charter, then contact a Fraser team member who will help you plan your ideal charter escape.