Most Common Locksmith Questions Answered


Locks are probably the last mechanical device that you think of in your home. But, be aware that they need proper maintenance and regular checks too. On the other hand, accidents such as broken key can happen when you least expect them. A professional locksmith will help you overcome any type of inconvenience that occurs. Whether you need to increase the security,re-key the doors, or just fix broken keys, a good service will solve everything for you. In which areas can a locksmith help you? Should you solve the problem by yourself, or call your trusted locksmith? We share some really helpful tips with you.

Could a master key make your life easier?

Of course, it can. A master key system can save both time and frustration. All types of commercial buildings can benefit from having a master key so you can open multiple locks with the one key. There is no need to be carrying around a huge ring full of keys instead forget about that and only carry around one single key for all the rooms throughout the business.

Why should you rekey your locks?

People may need a rekeying service when a housemate moved out but didn’t return the key or when someone has tried to break in, and your lock has suffered damage. If you need your locks re-keyed, then you should head to your trusted locksmith. Wondering how re-keying is done? It is quite easy and simple which requires removing the pin that is inside the cylinder so a new key will be needed to open it.

Are you in need of an emergency locksmith?

Accidents don’t choose the place and time. You can brake your key in the middle of the night, or in the morning hours. Is it possible to get a locksmith when it is after hours? Perhaps you just finished your evening shift at work but the key broke in the lock or is its early morning and you got to work but accidentally locked the keys in the car? A locksmith service will get your after-hours troubles sorted. The skilled workers work evenings, public holidays and even early hours of the morning. This means that the service is ready to help you, no matter the time of the day.
As soon as your call is radio-dispatched you can rest assure a trusted, well-trained locksmith is on their way to help. 

Need a broken key extraction? 

Are you annoyed by this issue? Keys don’t last forever and sometimes things can happen like a key gets broken in the lock or your keychain gets caught as you get out snapping the key in the ignition lock. Emergency Locksmith – East Village, NY – Botvinnik Locksmith can easily do a broken key extraction with the tools they have in their work van. Everything is on hand that the workers need so you won’t need to supply anything.