Most Common Roofing Scams


Since it is quite possible to have scams in almost every kind of business, some homeowners actually end up falling prey of the scams which make them lose their thousands of dollars and valuable time. It is not only a curse for the homeowners but also for other honest and reliable roofers.


Here are some of the common roofing scams and signs which you should understand as a homeowner.

  • Storm Chasers

It is the most common type of roofing scams. Since after the heavy storms and rainfall every homeowner wants to fix his roof damages instantly, they end up relying on the storm chasers which are readily available to them.

It is important to be more conscious and alert after the storms to avoid any loss of money and time. It is wise to spend some of your time and energy in prior research of the reliable roofing contractors Ann Arbor. It would save you from getting panic in any critical situation.

  • False Bids

It is another trick which scammers use to attract the homeowners. They make false and “too good to be true” bids which some homeowners end up trusting especially those who are looking for cheapest options.

The only thing to understand here is that you would only get what you pay for at the end of the day. Those who offer the cheapest bids would either provide you with inadequate repairs or leave the job incomplete.

  • Door Services

Any reputable and renowned roofing company or contractor would hardly feel any need to come to your door to offer the services of roof repair. If you have someone unexpectedly at your door who starts pointing out the hidden damages of your roof which doesn’t even exist, it is highly likely that it is just a scam. The trick is to convince you that your roof is too weak that it can collapse any time sooner. It would make you worried and accepted the offer immediately.

  • Insurance Fraud

The scammers are not looking for your best interests but theirs. They might offer you to reimburse your deductible just to attract you. The incentives they offer are not reliable and authentic. Everything might be preplanned to only make you sign the contract.

Moreover, some scammers keep two invoices to commit the insurance fraud: the one is to show you and the other one is for the insurance company. You need to be very alert when someone offers a lot of attractive and groundless incentives.

  • High-pressure Tactic

The goal of any renowned and professional roofing contractor is just to inform you about your roofing condition and present different possible solutions for you to make a final decision.

However, the scammers do the opposite as they try to create a sense of urgency without leaving the room for any calculated and informed decision. All they want to do is to make you bound by a legal contract and get the deposits in advance.