Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Stop You From Success

Do you want to know the most common social media marketing mistakes? If you are new to this, then it is very likely that you have certain doubts. Keep in mind that social media means everything nowadays, so you need to make the most of it. Read on and find out how to fix the most common mistakes!

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Not responding to comments and messages

The secret to maintaining good engagement is to simply be there. Only posting won’t engage your fans. You should enhance your presence and respond to their messages and comments. This will build trust and give the sense that you are really there. Also, keep in mind that you might encounter negative feedback. The best practice is to respond to them professionally. Offer assistance in sorting the issue, or an apology. Delete comments only if they are insulting to someone.


Not posting often

The more you post, the more engagement you will have. You will need to stay consistent for a longer time to see the results. Create a schedule of posts and stick to it.


Maintaining too many profiles

The right social media strategy isn’t about being present on every platform. Go for it, only if you have enough time and resources to maintain a few profiles a the same time. If you don’t, then focus on less but carefully selected networks. Maintaining social media takes time and effort, so make sure that you invest them in the best way.

Never compare your profiles to the ones of big companies. Keep in mind that they have a large budget and employees that work only on maintaining social media. Always work toward your goals and to improve your strategy and metrics, but never compare your social media game to one of the big companies.


Focused on selling

The most common mistake is to be too pushy with your sales. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use social media only for selling. Consider it as a great method to connect with your audience. You can entertain them or educate them about something. Think about what would be helpful for your target audience. But, still, feel free to include selling. Keep it to about only ⅕ of the posts. 


Not talking about feelings

Don’t sell the product or service with its technical features. Talk about how it will make people feel and which problems will it solve for them. Don’t sound like a boring ad. Instead, talk sincerely about the value of your product.


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