Most Weight-Loss-Friendly Foods on the Planet


The web has made access to useful information a lot easier today. However, it is full of misleading information, and people ought to be careful. When it comes to weight loss, many publications are suggesting a wide range of solutions to the extent that people get confused about what is good or bad. Luckily, there are still many reliable platforms like this one where you receive helpful insights.

Weight loss matters are sensitive for people. This is why many rely on reliable sellers of fitness gear like the 120kgs website to find the best solution in addition to eating a weight loss diet. The combination of these two provides a successful result. Here are foods that promote weight loss in the best way possible.

Leafy Green Vegetables


Vegetables like spinach and kale are common foods in this category. However, there are numerous others that can be used to make delicious salads. Some of the reasons they are featured on the list of the most popular food for weight loss is that they are low in calories and high in fiber. Additionally, they increase the volume of a food portion since they are bulky and reduce the chances of eating more calories from starch and carbohydrates. Most importantly, leafy green vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that also assist in good health and weight loss.

Fish and Seafood


In addition to being delicious, most fish and seafood are low in calories compared to other proteins and starchy foods. What they have in plenty are healthy proteins and healthy fats. Salmon is an excellent fish that you can add to your main meal, side salads and even snacks. Salmon also provides a boost to metabolism through supporting a healthy thyroid gland. Needless to say, the omega-3 fatty acids play a major role in easing inflammation caused by obesity and other illnesses.



This food has been in the limelight for enabling weight loss. Instead of sugary carbs, this fruit is loaded with healthy fats. Avocado oil has significant similarities to olive oil, which has monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. The last helpful quality of avocados is that they are rich in fiber and water.



People who eat more legumes like beans are likely to eliminate more weight than those who do not. In addition to the high protein content that they have, they also supply the body with plenty of fiber. Therefore, their caloric levels are lower than you might imagine for their size. If you find it challenging to tolerate legumes, then alternate with lean meat like chicken or fish.

Apple Cider Vinegar


Apples, just like many other fruits, will help you to reduce your weight. It is even more effective to have apple cider vinegar. It is used to dress salads and fruit, which are also beneficial for weight loss. However, you can increase its impact by using it during meals to boost your feeling of fullness. Lastly, it reduces blood sugar spikes.

Even though there are many other foods that support weight loss, these are the best ones you can eat to see a significant change.