How to Move Home Without Spending the Earth


You can’t move home without spending at least a little bit of money. However, it doesn’t have to cost the earth either. While the move can be rewarding and exciting, it is also often a time full of worry, one of those worries being about the money. Luckily, there are ways to complete a house move on a budget.

Packaging Materials

If you work with DC movers, you will find that they may offer you packaging material. If this is included in the price as standard, you will already save quite a bit of money. If not, then there are many free packaging materials out there. Your old clothes and bedding, for instance, can easily be used. Fast food restaurants also often have thousands of boxes that you can pick up for free. Never spend money on packaging materials, in other words.

Your Soft Belongings Are Padding

The correct way to wrap a glass item is to wrap it in special paper. This is expensive paper, however. How about stuffing a sock ball in there instead? Not only will you protect the glass, you will also save space because you won’t need another box for your socks and underwear! Lots of things you own can be used as padding.

Use Your Storage Units

There are likely to be lots of storage units in your house that you can use. However, don’t put your belongings inside cupboards, they are heavy enough as they are. But use your suitcases, your bag collection, carrier bags and more. Again, you are double using the space that well as well.


The more you take with you, the more you will pay for the removal company. At the same time, the less you take with you, the more you will have to buy from new. So you have to balance what you absolutely need, and what you can do without. You must take as little as possible with you and throw as much as possible away. You’re starting a new life, so there is no need to take all those old things with you anymore anyway.

Get Some Help

Most moving companies will also allow you to hire some of their members of staff to help you pack and unpack, and to help you move things into and out of the removals van. However, this can easily double the price of the removal service. It is much cheaper to ask your friends and family to help you with all of these things, paying the removals company solely for actually transporting your belongings from A to B.

Moving house is expensive. There are lots of little things that you may not have thought about, such as closing bills on your utilities, replacing items that you broke, buying new things that you suddenly need, fuel and more. If you are on a budget, this means there is likely to be very little wriggle room. Hence, make sure you save money wherever you can.