Moving To A New House? Be Responsible With Your Rubbish Clearance Plans


Moving to a new place is indeed an overwhelming experience. Both emotionally as well as physically.

With too many things at your hands to take care of, sorting out what you need to take with you and what needs to be left behind is tricky business.

But getting rid of unwanted stuff does not mean simply leaving it behind. You need to have a pan for your waste too!

What makes it our utmost duty to make sure we are handling the rubbish clearance in a legal manner is the fact that the Government of UK takes serious care of illegal waste dumping and fly-tipping.

And why wouldn’t it! Every year tons of reports come forward regarding illegal waste dumping near or within residential areas this does not only disrupt everyday lives but can be hazardous to the land.

So if you aren’t prepared with your rubbish clearance plan you can get into trouble!

Why Do You Need Proper Rubbish Clearance?

Unfortunately, there are many commercial businesses and of course residents out there in the UK, who would not take much care of their rubbish disposal.

Did you know?

According to Telegraph, fly tippers that leave waste as ‘free’ furniture out on the streets will be fined for causing unpleasant sights and illegal rubbish clearing out.

You need to properly recycle your waste and for that, you will require assistance from a professional. As it is advised to let the experts take care of such matters!

Here’s an excellent read on what to take and what to leave while moving out

What You Should Never Do When Clearing Out Your Rubbish

  1. Never throw away your old furniture out on the street – of course. Because even if you are giving it away for free, you are still getting rid of it. And if you are getting rid of it you need to do it by fair means.
  2. Don’t dump your rubbish at a recycling site. Yes, there are many cases reported of residential waste being dumped right outside of the recycling sites, overflowing the rubbish cans.
  3. Look for means to dispose of on your own. Some things are better taken care off by professionals, especially the ones that can impose a penalty on you.
  4. Fall for the trap of cheaper ways to get rid of your rubbish. It is recommended to always do your research before spending your hard earned money on untrustworthy companies who claim to do it professionally but will get you in trouble and a hefty fine.

What Is The Solution?

You need to opt for professional help that will not only help you clear your moving out waste but will do it legally so that you don’t have to worry about a thing once you have moved out.

As a professional rubbish clearance service, the last thing they want is for you to get in trouble with your rubbish disposal, after all, that isn’t what you paid for!

EWDS is Essex’s leading rubbish clearance and waste disposal company and has been serving both, residential as well as commercial waste disposal clients for more than 10 years.

With that experience, you can be sure that the means of disposing off of your house waste will be fair and legal by all means.

How They Do It?

EWDS has a separate domestic waste clearance service that is available all across Essex. This domestic service helps you dispose of your waste legally and ethically.

They will work in accordance with local councils as well as the responsible government bodies to ensure that your house waste has been collected professionally and is under their responsibility.

And you don’t have to worry about a single thing, the service providers are efficient and smart enough to determine which of your waste materials are recyclable and which needs to be upcycled.

They will carefully take out the waste products from your property and make sure to get it disposed off as per the facilities provided guidelines.

How to Avail The Service?

The company is always ready to cater to any demolition or clearance  service on domestic as well as commercial levels.

EWDS provides waste removal services 6 days a week. You can book your appointment without a second thought of being in the wrong hands! Essex Waste & Demolition Solutions is a licensed waste carrier and fully insured.

Once the rubbish clearance process is done from your end, it will be disposed off as per the UK Government provided guidelines.

Final Thoughts?

Getting rid of your house waste while moving out is a herculean task and requires special attention too. For that matter, it is advised to seek professional help from a renowned rubbish clearance service provider that will help you go through with the process legally, hassle-free and ethically.

But choosing a professional waste dumpage solution must be done carefully. Go for experienced professionals who you can trust.

Once you do, sit back and relax – your household waste will be taken care off.