Must-have shots that depict the true celebration of your child’s christening in the Sydney region


It’s such a joyous day for you and your family and soon everyone will be gathering to celebrate the christening of your little one. While you have everything in place, have you booked your professional photographer yet and had a discussion regarding your requirements. Well, if not yet then you have stumbled upon just the post you need at this moment. With so much going on, it’s easy to forget about the little things that matter which includes some of the clicks which will make the christening ceremony album even more special. Assuming that you can’t afford to skip any important shot, here is a list which will help you get it all with ease.

  • Baby with the holy things

The bible and rosary are two essential accessories which play a significant role in the christening of a child, so if they mean something to you then you can’t skip them when it comes to photography? With the priests preparing for the ceremony in the background, get your child’s photo taken with a rosary and the bible for the right feel.

  • Dressing up

While the child is getting dressed, make sure that your photographers get a few candids as a keepsake for your baby. You can get the outfit shot as well as the tiny gown is always awe-worthy.

  • The complete ceremony

Every little bit of the ceremony needs to be captured with perfection. The biggest perks of hiring renowned professional photographers in Sydney such as Faure Valletta Photography is that they have several years of experience which is why nothing needs to be explained or examined. Hire the experts so you get to enjoy your baby’s christening while you know that the whole ceremony is being beautifully clicked.

  • The candid baby shots

Ask the photographer to shoot the baby shots with the father while he is blessing him once the baby is christened. Also, don’t forget the candid baby shots where he is giggling, crying and enjoying the company of his family.

  • Family portraits

From uncles and aunts to cousins and grandparents, make sure that every attendee gets a beautiful shot with the baby. Since grandparents will play an influential part in his life, favour them with a few extra candid shots for sweet remembrance of the big day.

  • Steal some moments yourself

Since it’s your baby’s christening, don’t forget to get a few heart-melting clicks which will always remind of the special day. From solo shots with the baby to couple shots, make sure that your christening videographer in Sydney covers it all.

  • The baby’s fun moments

While you have already arranged for the posed pictures, it’s time for some fun candids. Arrange for your child favourite toys and let him have a solo session with the professionals for absolutely stunning shots. Also, your kid will be the star of the day and all the attendees would want to spend time with him, get some natural pictures of your baby and your guests having a terrific time together.

  • Guests having a great time

From food to dancing, there will be a lot to keep your guests busy. Use this opportunity to the fullest and capture the real picture of how your guests are enjoying the feast. Giggles, dance moves, conversations and baby moments all make stunning shots for the christening album.

  • Don’t forget the food

Photographing the snacks and desserts has become a trend these days. So, why fall behind, right? Get the treats table clicked as soon as it is decorated with lip-smacking food items and add it to the album too for future event’s inspiration.

Sydney christenings are an important family tradition in many religions.  In other countries christenings are known by different names and marked by different customs. With these photos in place, you will assemble a gorgeous christening album for your kid and other relatives and friends who couldn’t attend the ceremony.