Must do things in Malaysia that will make your trip memorable


Are you an avid traveler and want to start a travel blog on the places you have visited so far? Do you wish to do crazy things in your trip and looking for a destination that would have such activities in plethora? Well, then Malaysia would have to be your next vacation spot and it will simply blow your mind away. Starting from the beaches to the mountains to the busy streets filled with tourists, Malaysia has everything in it to make your tour something to remember for your lifetime. But, before you visit this gem of a place, here are few things that should be in your to-do list when in Malaysia:

  • Visit the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park – it may seem to be quite odd to visit a national park when it is not exactly a typical forest kind of place, but this is more like a place for scuba diving and swimming. The crystal clear water together will take your breath away (no pun intended) and since the area is surrounded by five islands, you will have ample opportunities to trek and hike. You can reach the national park by ferry and the absence of the buzzing crowd will help you spend a very good time with your friends or family.
  • Take a walk on the Sky Bridge at Pantai Kok – who doesn’t want thrill in their life! Walking on the Sky Bridge has become like a tradition for every tourist who visits Malaysia. To get a bird’s view of some of the most beautiful mountains of Malaysia, you must walk into The Oriental Village and enter the Sky Bridge. It is a narrow path that hangs from one peak to another in a curved way and you need to walk the entire path from one end to the other. The best part of walking on this bridge is you will be able to get a glimpse of Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls.
  • Enjoy the jeep rides in Maxwell Hill – Malaysia is not just about the magnificent beaches or for the shopping that people love. If you delve deep into the nooks and corners of Malaysia, you will find places that will make you want to visit the place over and over again. Maxwell Hill in Taiping is one such place and you may not be able to get lot of water activities or trekking, but the place in itself is so attractive that you won’t need any thrilling activities here. You will often find jeep rides in the Malaysia tour packages leading to this place. The entire area is surrounded by lush greenery and the combination with the clear blue skies make the scenery worth to savor. Although, there is a trekking opportunity where you have to reach an altitude of 1000 feet, the more interesting part of the journey is the jeep ride.
  • Enjoy with your family at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park – if you thought Disney Land was the greatest ever entertainment park, you need to get into Sunway Lagoon Theme Park once. Filled with a plethora of water activities, this place is a buzz of people of all ages. For those who have visited Malaysia have often mentioned this theme park more often than not and it is totally because of the innovative rides and activities that you can do. Keep a full day in hand when you plan to visit Sunway Lagoon Theme Park because you will not be able to keep a track of time once you enter the park.
  • Climb the Batu Caves – there is something different about limestone and caves. They almost belong to each other and the Batu Caves is the perfect example of their unison. It is a combination of both temples and caves and with all the dim lights and limestone around, you may get the chills here. For the adventure seekers, there are climbing routes that are traversed to the full length of the caves.

Malaysia is a place that will always be in the wish list of travelers. The diverse locations and the fun filled adventure activities will keep you busy throughout the entire trip.