What You Must Do to Treat the Condition When You Have Eczema on the Lips


If your lips become dry and dull and keep itching, you should consult a dermatologist immediately to rule out the possibility of eczema on lips. Eczema can strike any part of your body, and therefore you must not be surprised at the possibility of the disease affecting the lips. Having swollen lips does not only change your looks, but it can also be highly uncomfortable as it affects the standard functions like opening the mouth that becomes quite painful. You would realize how painful it could be to just smile or eat with swollen lips. Cheilitis is the name of the type of eczema that affects lips, and it needs proper medical treatment for remedy. The disease is not at all contagious although there is a myth about it spreading from one person to another.

The first signs

If you observe some rough patches on both lips that do not subside with time, it could be the first signs of Cheilitis. Although the spots might be so small, that it difficult to see with naked eyes, but if you feel lingering pain on touching it, you must not lose any time to reach out to the doctor.  The patches usually occur at the juncture between the lips and the facial skin.  The problem with eczema is that there is no definite cure for it, but the treatment helps to keep it manageable and provide relief from pain.

Keep the lips moistened

The basic care for eczema-affected lips is to keep the lips moist and avoid any kinds of irritants. You must be careful in selecting foods and drinks to ensure that it is low in acidic content to prevent irritation on the lips. Be careful in using hand wash and do not use cosmetics that contain the chemical sodium lauryl sulfate as it is harmful to the skin.

Apply lip balms and Vaseline or petroleum jelly on the lips to prevent it from getting dry. Use it at regular intervals so that the moisture of the lips is retained as the balms form a protective layer on the surface of the skin that prevents moisture escaping from the skin. You can also use Shea butter that has excellent moisture retention properties, and use it in the way you use lip balms. Essential oils like lavender and chamomile work excellently on lips.

Relief from itching and irritation

Medical treatment is necessary to provide relief from the accompanying inflammation, pain, and itching that causes a lot of irritation. Use of creams that contain steroids like Triamcinolone and Betamethasone Dipriopionate is the standard treatment available. However, avoid using oral dosage forms of the same medicines as it can have plenty of side effects. Rather, using antihistamines like Terizine and Rhiniramine SR for a prolonged period is a better alternative than taking steroid tablets and injections repeatedly.  

To prevent the disease, be selective in using cosmetics and use safe formulations only that is friendly to the skin. Avoid prolonged sun exposure, avoid smoking and stop the habit of licking lips that cause its dryness.