Must-visit places for the rest of this year


Even though half of the year is almost gone, there’s still plenty of time for you to make a trip. Even though you might already have something in mind, let us shake your brain a little bit. This is an incredible gift for you only if you consider yourself an adventurous. This list is made for hungry travelers who have no fear to face new cultures. These unusual yet marvelous destination will melt your heart.

Piemonte, Italy

The so beloved and famous Italy has innumerous places one has to visit. Actually you will need a lifetime to check everything Italy has to offer you. But this north-eastern place has always been in the focus of the ones who have explored Italy so well before they put a leg on Italian territory. Contemporary art, concerts with electric music, self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci and incredible mountains for hiking is only the the primary thing you will see there. Moreover the villages that surrounds it offer one of the best wines in the region.


Catskill, USA

Did you know that fifty years ago Catskill hosted the Woodstock festival. It happened in the heart of Catskill. This place is meant for such events. It has a lot of bars and restaurants all around. Nature, fresh air, excellent food and good company. Do you need anything else?


Northern Peru

This piece of land is home to maybe the oldest civilization on Earth. The wild  landscapes are only an additional beauty to the history that is already engraved in there. This is the place that makes South America such an amazing place to. The number of tourists increases each year which already speaks volume about its popularity.


The Red Center, Australia

Australia is not famous only for the sandy beaches. Another must see place in this continent is the mountain Uluru. Heaven on Earth – that’s the description for it. Since the visitors became that frequent, this place has to close its doors for the visitors every now and then.


The Scottish islands and mountains

The battle for the most beautiful landscapes in Europe is between Scotland, Switzerland and Island. Even though every single country has something extraordinary and different to offer you, Scotland is something you can’t miss. Moreover this place is a history book itself. If you thought Scotland was all about the whiskey, you have no idea what are you missing meanwhile.


Eastern Russia

So much diversity in such a huge territory. That’s the perfect description for Russia. It seems like the most eastern part of Russia is under construction and huge reforms in the past few years. This means development. However, the major changes can be noticed in Vladivostok. Plenty of theatres, galleries, art centers is what brings new spirit to this picturesque place. This place became more reachable than ever before.


Manitoba, Canada

Canada is an example for something classy and stylish. However, it seems like Manitoba is a center for everything and anything. It is placed in the heart of Canada and it’s the place where the Aborigines used to do the exchanges. It turned into a multicultural place. The dominant migrant population comes from the Philippines, India and Nigeria. On the other hand the northern part of it is full of whales and bears.