Natural Disaster to Plumbing Failure: Knowing What Resources Are Available Can Determine Your Restoration Costs


From natural disasters to common plumbing problems, water damage can push you to the wall. Whatever the problem, you need to plan to locate the best recovery and restoration provider. You do not want to make this a price-driven decision, so you should prepare now for future needs. Just ask the residents surviving the 2017 hurricanes!

Knowing what resources are available can determine your restoration costs. Take, for example; their active membership in professional organizations deepens and broadens their bench of talented resources:

  • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification
  • Federal Emergency Management Association
  • Restoration Industry Association
  • Professional Association of Cleaning and Restoration
  • and more

Anything can happen to your business or residence: plumbing water damage, flood disaster flooding, sewage backup, cleanup/restoration, project management, and insurance claim problems. And, the average home and business owner heeds help with it all. The IICRC warns, “homeowners should be mindful of who they hire, as an untrained technician may do more harm than good or delay repairs, resulting in a higher degree of destruction.”

How resources determine your restoration costs

  1. Trust: A wealth of resources builds the lasting trust required in the event of big or small disaster. Expertise and trust justify the restoration costs. You will certainly want technicians who have been background-checked and drug-screened. You should require proofs of license, insurance, and performance bonds to assure quality delivery. And, you will appreciate work done by IICRC certified contractors.
  2. Estimates: A free estimate any time of the day can accelerate your disaster resolution. And, if the provider works well with insurance companies, you’ll get enough of a quote to make a starting decision.
  3. Experience: Only a network of professional technicians can readily address all the problems you put before them. But, what you are looking for is a collaborative team able to integrate performance and skills to solve your water or fire damage.
  4. Fair pricing: The ultimate price of restoration depends on insurance participation. Fair prices serve your interest as well as the insurers. So, the better the restoration recovery partners with insurance calculations, the fairer and clearer the pricing.
  5. Response: Water damage never gets better with age. The longer you take to secure the help required, the more damage there is to repair. So, you need a quick estimate, fast response, quality work, and accurate insurance billing.
  6. Guarantee:  A performance bond helps, but you will find even more trust in a restoration pro who guarantees the work upfront.

Natural disaster to plumbing failure, restoration just won’t wait!

Water presents problems where you cannot cut corners. There is not savings in waiting to fix damage that jeopardizes your business, home, or family’s health. summarized a Chubb Insurance Survey, “Water damage accounted for almost half of all property damage claims in 2015.” And, while Chubb recommends precautions including smartphone applications.

But, water damage inside and out will happen. And, you can reduce your personal stress by knowing that resources are readily available to determine your restoration costs.