Natural Ways to Sharpen Your Memory


We all have moments where we find ourselves being forgetful, especially when things get crazy in our day to day lives. One time, you can’t find your keys and the next thing you know, you’ve forgotten what you’re supposed to say in your presentation at work.

These are all embarrassing moments and in some cases, can be dangerous. But those memory enhancers can sound really shady and there is no real guarantee that they work. They can also be very expensive. There are special classes that teach some techniques but they also cost a lot.

Fortunately, there are things you can do on your own to enhance or sharpen your memory without taking drugs or paying for an expensive class.

Reasons Why Your Memory May Not Be As Sharp As Before

You may be baffled why all of a sudden, you’re starting to forget things. You used to be very sharp and people even praise you for it. Surely, you are not that old, not yet. So why is this happening?

You need to understand that genetics play a role in how your memory works. It could also be your activities and the things you eat. Research has shown that a few lifestyle changes and diet can improve your memory.

Sharpening Your Memory the Natural Way

Here are some of the best ways to enhance your memory naturally.

Reduce Added Sugar

Added sugar has plenty of bad effects in your body and that includes bad effects in your brain. It has been linked to several chronic diseases including cognitive decline. There is research that points to evidence that sugar-filled diets result in poor memory and even reduce brain volume. Eating too much sugar affects the area of the brain where your short-term memory is stored. Cut back on sugar and it will improve not only your brain functioning but your overall health.

Take Some Fish Oil

You’ve heard of it before. This oil is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and DHA which contribute positively to your body’s overall health. It lowers the risk of cardiac arrest and other heart diseases, helps in inflammation, and relieves stress.

The most important thing that fish oil does for you is that it slows mental decline which is inevitable over time. Try to consume foods that contain fish oil and even fish oil supplements to improve your memory. This is especially important for people of higher ages.


It all sounds very cliche, but meditation does help. The key here is in understanding that each person is different, so one meditation style may not work for others. Find meditation music and styles that suit your personality and stick to if for a while. You may end up liking it. And if you find that it doesn’t help in the end, then at least you made the effort.

However, research has shown that meditation increases the gray matter in the brain which contains neuron cell bodies. With the decline of gray matter, your memory and cognition also decline. One study showed that college students who practiced some meditation for some time significantly improved their spatial working memory than the group who didn’t. So it’s worth a try.


The above suggestions help in recreating your once superb memory and improving your overall health. There is not a risk involved in doing these little changes in your lifestyle. While allowing your memory to continuously decline may cause severe consequences, it may even cause injury at work. more information on how you can get help if that happens. In the end, improving your lifestyle and your health will benefit your cognitive functioning.