New York is Your Secret Best Friend


Whenever you bring up New York in conversation, everyone assumes you’re talking about the city. What you’re really referring to is the beautiful state that you’ve grown to love, not just their defensive driving course. They just don’t get the spectacular mountains, forest, and waterfalls that exist beyond the city’s borders. Even after enrolling in defensive driving school, your posse can’t seem to leave the city. So, it’s understandable how they can’t see your strong connection to New York. More specifically, your strong platonic connection.

It’s perfectly fine to admit that New York is your secret best friend. However, your real friends might think you’re weird. That’s why we’ve compiled a perfectly list of locations to take your friends in New York state. Once they figure out how to dismiss a NY traffic ticket, and get one look at these beautiful spots, they’ll completely understand how someone is able to build a platonic relationship with a measurable space.

Adirondacks Mountains

The Adirondacks Mountains form along the northeastern portion of the New York. Here you’ll find luscious meadows, mountain skiing, and beautiful hikes through thick forests. This will be the perfect time to let your friends know how you’re considering New York state as your best man in your future wedding.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a New York staple. Between the cave tours, adventure theater, firework displays, and unique aquarium, Niagara is more than just the largest waterfall in the state. It’s a part of your best friend. More specifically, probably the mouth or ear.

Catskills Mountains

The Catskills Mountains brood in the southeastern part of New York. You might not know if it’s pronounced “Cats-Kills” or “Cat-Skills,” but what you do know is that it’s home to a rich wildlife. This preservation is an ideal location to bring your regular friends to meet your best friend.    

Finger Lakes

If Niagara Falls is the mouth or ear of New York State, then Finger Lakes are obviously the fingers. You can really give your friends a hand in understanding your connection with New York, by taking them to this lake destination. Hiking, resorts, and small towns keep these Lakes a hotspot.

1000 Islands

You can hit it out of the park with your salad lover friends, take them to 1000 Islands. It’s the community intertwined with the St. Lawrence river. You can ease the pain of letting them know their subservient to the state of New York with craft breweries, gentle river cruises, and fishing.

Howe Caverns

If the outside world isn’t cutting it, then take them below the surface. Howe Caverns will show your friends the natural beauty of your secret best friend’s insides. That’s a more disgusting way of saying, the Howe Caverns have breathtaking tours, rock climbing, and lodging for you and your friends.

Boldt Castle

Boldt Castle is located on Heart Island and is the perfect destination to admire the state from a 1900’s tower. If you wanted to feel like royalty, this is the place for you. Your friends will grow to respect the state and your platonic relationship with it.

Chimney Bluffs

When your friends still aren’t willing to accept that you’re better friends with the physical being of New York state, take them to Chimney Bluffs. Located on the southern coast of Lake Ontario, you can find the cliffs of Chimney Bluffs in the heart of New York. This will be the perfect place to desert your friends, because they don’t accept you.

If your friends can’t get behind your secret relationship with New York, then are they really your friends in the first place? New York is great!