New Zealand’s top 7 things


New Zealand, a small island nation that has about 4.5 million inhabitants, is renowned for its national rugby team, indigenous Maori culture, and picturesque scenery. New Zealand may be a long distance from home if you are an international student preparing to study abroad. But it’ll be worth the many hours – maybe days – traveled to get there!


Here are the top 7 things in New Zealand which we think everyone planning to learn should know about in New Zealand! We have also identified some of the universities close to each case, and you can see the complete list of New Zealand’s leading universities here.

1. Visit Auckland – “City of Sails”

Perhaps it is not the capital of New Zealand, but it is the largest and most diverse city in the world. Built on a landscape of volcanic landscape, Auckland is not only a boating enthusiast but a city to students. It is surrounded by the Manukova and Waitemata Harbours (this is where the word “City of Sails” comes in. It finished 22nd in QS Best Student Cities 2015 with high living standards, high graduate scores, and more. This high standard of living is due to.

Auckland provides a wide variety of international music festivals, art galleries, shopping remedies, and entertainment if you are a culture vulture. Why not take on the task of bungee jumping from Auckland, a high-rising building in the Southern Hemisphere, for thrill-seekers? And why not?

Perhaps Auckland’s major appeal is that the best of urban and natural life is to visitors and students alike: a busy metropolitan city within walking distance and by bicycle, mountain biking trails, coastal walks, and local bushes. This is the perfect place to launch your New Zealand itinerary!

2. Watch the rugby game – the official sport of New Zealand

“Kiwis” is enthusiastic about rugby (as New Zealanders are known). If anyone knows something about New Zealand, they are the All Blacks – the National Rugby Team of New Zealand. The rivalry between various rugby regions across the country is intense but friendly. And there is no reason to not look at the game directly at a rugby stadium in any major university town.

If you want to get a bit of the environment, dress up in the colors of a local team and head out for a National Sports Game in New Zealand with your fellow students (you probably need to bring local people if you don’t know the rules or the tags!).

3. Hit the pistes, the beach, or the lakes – all one day

Almost all of the major cities of New Zealand lie on the coast – and those which drive inland for just one hour. But there is a specific city in which all the various elements of the great open air in New Zealand can be encountered in just one day.

You will certainly enjoy a busy weekend if you plan to study in New Zealand in Hamilton in northern Island, which is located a little over an hour’s drive from Auckland.

4. Wine and dinner in New Zealand

In New Zealand, the number of sheep is well known, and farming is the main export industry in the region. You are looking for a large number in New Zealand of grazing cows and sheep, and many milk farms, and are not surprised by the amounts of meat and ice cream you might eat during that time!

This rich food can then be washed with a glass of the best wine in New Zealand. In the wine-growing sector of New Zealand in particular Sauvignon Blanc, the country is rapidly becoming renowned. Takes a research weekend break – or maybe save it as a bonus to pass your exams – and go on a wine tour to Marlborough.

5. Explore Middle Earth

One of the best known Hollywood legacies in New Zealand, Lord of the Rings series. The inspiring history from Peter Jackson’s trilogy, along with Prequel The Hobbit, in New Zealand, provides you with a great chance to visit the Middle East.

Take a ride through Mordor on the Hungarian Crossing, or see Isengard Fortification near Queenstown, Hobbiton, North Island city of Matamata. In the films over 150 sites have been used and visitors continue on organized tours and solo adventures to major landmarks.

6. Visit Wellington, New Zealand’s capital

It’s not shocking that New Zealanders are well known for their creative spirit, but even their government does things a little differently. In an architecturally unique building, The Beehive has been designated a part of the nation’s parliamentary operations. But this is not the capital’s only building of interest.

Without a Te Papa visit, no visit to Wellington is complete. On the picturesque banks of the city, NZ has a number of permanent and moving exhibits in the National Museum of New Zealand. Admire lovely Maori cloaks, walk into a traditional marae (meeting), get near a giant squid, or feel like an earthquake.

7. “Go brown”… One of the great walks of New Zealand

Camping, “tramping” – or walking in the Northern Hemisphere for those visiting and staying in New Zealand – are common pastimes. Find a remote buffet, set up a canvas tent, or walk for days in the back with a bunch, and see how much time you can last without a shower or other home facilities…

Yes, many are the suggestions of a holiday in New Zealander! Don’t knock before you try it. There’s something quite special and free about the technology dipping and being close to nature for quite a while. Most, if not all, tramping clubs in New Zealand universities, if you are studying abroad in that clean country.