Nighttime Hunting Adventures: Useful Tips For Beginners


The advancement of technology has brought about many changes in the world of the hunter. Much to the chagrin of the deer, fox, coyote or any other prey, now, nighttime hunting has become very successful. However, as a beginner, you might not have a lot of luck in the beginning. It takes some helpful tips such as the ones we will share here to kill your prey. It also takes a lot of preparedness.

Know The Regulations For Night Hunting

Night hunting is more controlled than day hunting. Thus, the first thing that you need to find out is what you can hunt at night in your state. Some of the animals that are commonly hunted at night include foxes, coyotes and others. These animals are mostly considered a nuisance. The regulations covering hunting of animals considered a nuisance are a bit lax and this is what many people count on. Most of the night hunting for these animals is done on private property.

Do Some Practice

You should practice your aim at night. If you are planning to go hunting at night, get out of your house at night. Practice walking in the dark. Practice using the thermal scope so that you can learn how it works. Also plan in advance, get the clothes that you will wear, the gear that you will need for the night of the hunt. You should also do a day reconnaissance of the place where you are going to hunt. That way, you can be familiar with the woods, the scrubs and the terrain. You can also choose your tree stand keenly, at the most vantage point.

Choose The Right Nighttime Hunting Weapon And Accessories

You can use the weapon that you use for day hunting. However, you can find out from the authorities which kind of weapon is allowed to be used for nighttime hunting in the area where you intend to hunt. Even the day weapon would need some attachments such as a noise suppressor (not always), flashlight and sights. The best weapon for night hunting is the AR- style rifle, as it can take many accessories. Having thermal scope, thermal riflescope can be very useful.

You Can Only Shoot What You Can See

There is no way that you can shoot what you cannot see, So the matter of what you will use to see at night comes in. You cannot very well go and light a bonfire to see the coyote. That would send the animals scampering to safety.

What you need is a night vision scope or a thermal scope. There are many of these in the market. Many people wonder what to use between a thermal scope or a night vision scope for hunting at night. A thermal scope would be a better choice as it can enable you to know whether the object you can see is emitting body heat. That way, you will know whether it is an animal.

Choose The Right Hunting Method

Night hunting requires you to choose the best hunting method. You can use a predator caller. It is very effective and most importantly, the animals respond to this fast. When using this method, you need to be in an area with a wide angle of view so that you can see as the animal approaches. You should be able to take a clean shot.

Using bait is yet another nighttime hunting method that you can use. This means that you will be using a natural food source to lure the animal that you are hunting. However, remember to find out what types of food sources you can use from the authorities.