Nine tips how to live a happy life


Each one of us have the same amount of time. The day lasts 24 hours for everyone. The problem occures because not everyone uses the same hours eaqually. This is what makes the difference. The good news is that everyone decides for themselves how would they spend their hours. You are the only one in charge for your happiness. This means you can always do something to improve the quality of your day and you can start this very moment with the changes. Another good news is that no one can plant you a thought in your head but you. You are the one who selects the thoughts ou have, therefore you have the power in your hand.

If you feel helpless about your life, check the following tips and consider practicing it more often. The results you will experience are guaranteed. Just breath deep, put a smile on your face and walk with confidence into your life. You can turn into the hero of your life by doing a small effort. That way you do not only change your day, but your entire life.

  1. Wake up with a smile and think about even one single day that might bring you joy and happiness this very day.
  2. Pay compliments. Think about honest ones. This will make the people receiving the compliment happy. If you are surrounded by happy people you can not feel other way.
  3. Stick to your promises and show the people that they can trust you. Just a small detail like showig up at the meeting on time or keeping something unimportant you’ve promised a long ago matters and counts.
  4. Give tips.No matter how little or small it is. Whenever you give somebody something extra will make them feel worth it, which immediatelly makes them feel better about themselves. This is a win-win tip.
  5. Give somebody the priority to do something before you. No matter if it is a parking place in question or you let somebody go before you on the supermarket’s queue. They will thank you for sure.
  6. Do something useful and good every day. You can muy a sandwich to a homeless person or you can help your old neighbour out with the bags from the grocery store. It will make you both feel happy.
  7. Love yourself and care about yourself. Know that you matter. Know what you are worth. Eat well and take care about your body and health. From time to time buy yourself a present for no reason. Or even go for a massage. Your body and mind will thank it and appreciate it later.
  8. Make five minute room for giving thanks for everything you have just before you go to sleep. Appreciate all that you have and all that you experience. Be thankful of who you are and how hard you are trying every single day. That way you will go to sleep on a high vibration, which means you will enjoy your dream.
  9. Give a lots of higs. Appreciate all you have by focussing on the things that are already part of your life. Never think about the lack of something as this only brings you stress.