No Leaks, Just Peaks: 10 Best Roof Design Ideas For Your Home


For most people, choosing a roof design is a piece of cake. They can merely select ideas anywhere they wanted to get. Also for some, it’s an additional task to do when they put a lot of time picking for roof designs. However, it’s not always the case.

Bear in the mind that the roof should be an essential part of the house. Along with your hopes of having a beautiful and presentable home structure comes the right roof design to contemplate about.

So, it’s a must that you understand the significance of choosing the right roof design which fits your location’s climate and house structure. Take your cue from the types of roof designs that will inspire to have stylish roofing without compromising function.

Thatch Finish

This roof design is made out of brick cladding. It can withstand centuries of wear and tear due to its durability and the ability to stay sturdy amidst various climate changes.

Further, it has a cottage-like design which must be built six meters away from neighboring properties since it’s vulnerable to fire. Thatch finish roofs also create an additional charm if it’s made with a steep pitch and goes along with its low eaves.

Fantasy Design

If you want to have a fairy-tale like house structure, then fantasy design must be your top choice. Best examples of structures with fantasy design roofing are those found in castles, and fortresses built during the medieval period.

As of today, this type of roof design is common among farmhouses and homes built away from the city.

A Butterfly Design

It’s also called as the V-shaped roof. It is a design that’s eye-catching and quirky to look at. Built like a butterfly-shaped because of its wing-shaped roof that looks like a butterfly.

Additionally, the two opposing ends that were raised together which should be higher than that of its middle, drain water through its valley.

Japanese Style Roof

It is a kind of roof design with strong mono-pitch roof divisions. It also comes along with strong angular shapes. Japanese roof designs are usually called bungalow designed roofs that come with a contemporary structure.

A Bauhaus Style

This type of roofing comes with state-of-the-art design. It has a large roof terrace design styled for outdoor entertainments and house parties. Its architecture and style has evolved for many years and popular until this day because it’s style is timeless.

Moreover, the Bauhaus style is minimalist and modern. They can blend into the diversity of culture and has shown an elegant look throughout the years.

A Curved Zinc Hood

These type of roof designs are like windmills. It must locate where living space is at the top level and built in a curve style made of zinc roof. It also comes with a glazed balcony that offers a wide range of views along the countryside.

An Origami Style

It is usually called a tent-style roof. Its edges should be attached to the ground. It has a sloping roof which gives the interior space a necessary room for the family to protect them in any given calamity such as storms and earthquakes.

Moreover, it’s designed to control the amount of light and air that will enter the house.

A Curved Model

A curved model roof has a soft and curved structure literally. These type of roof structure must stand when homeowners decide to have an extension of their houses to compliment the flat-type roof.

Sloping Style

Sloping roof structures have been observed commonly in residential areas. Its main advantage is it does not let other dirt and water to accumulate because it merely slides off. Sloping roof styles may be of different shapes depending on the needs of homeowners.

Topped with Turf

These type of roof design wants to gain prominence when it comes to eco-design. It is a roof structure that comes with plants and vegetation and provides waterproof roofs. Also, its advantage includes absorption of rainwater and provides insulation.


Whether you want a simple or edgy type of roof design, the important things you have to consider must be ensuring the durability, and its ability to protect you and your family from any weather and climate changes. Roof designs are composed depending on your location and roof needs.

For this purpose, many roofing experts would recommend that if you want to find the most suitable roof designs for your home, you have to visit their website and consider the list above to make sure that you’ll achieve a roof with not just a plan, but with quality as well.