Non-Toxic Makeup Explained


I learned a lot about detox diets and I heard about all the other cleansing diets that promise great results for our bodies. They make us believe that we are getting rid of all the toxins but what about our skin? I have always wondered about the benefits of detox for our skin, the largest organ in our body. It guards our underlying muscles, bones, ligaments, internal organs, and it has seven layers. Epidermis and Dermis are most known among all of the layers. Underneath the dermis lies the hypodermis and is also known as subcutaneous fatty tissue. Our skin has three main functions. The very first function is to protect, then regulate, and the feeling of sensation.

I focused more on skin care. I made it a habit to regularly cleanse and exfoliate my skin. I made sure that all the makeup products that I use are non-toxic. I used several makeup brands in the past but they all had harmful chemicals. I knew that they had parabens and phthalates but back then I didn’t really have a choice. Parabens are known chemicals that have been used in beauty products since the 1950’s. There’s a study that parabens have been found present in breast tumors. Parabens are preservatives used in cosmetics. Phthalates are chemicals being used to soften plastics. In fact, Maine has listed 13 types of phthalates that are considered chemicals of high concern because of their endocrine disrupting effects and reproductive toxicity under its law regarding Toxic Chemicals in children’s products. That is alarming!

The good news is, there is a non-toxic makeup already out in the market today! I know it’s amazing, isn’t it? Petite n’ Pretty has done it! Their products are proven safe and cruelty-free. They are also nut-free and specially made for kids but anyone can use them. They comply with FDA Regulations, Prop 65, and the Oregon State Child Safety Act. I have used their makeup and I am awed because they are really true to their claim. They have the best non-toxic makeup available in the market. I did not hesitate in buying their products because it is the safest non-toxic makeup out there. Aside from non-toxic makeup, the quality is immeasurable. To be perfectly honest, their non-toxic makeup rocked my world! I know that the contents of my makeup bag in the past was hazardous to my health. I am just extremely glad that Petite’ n Pretty made me mark my to-do list. The very first is to switch to non-toxic makeup and there is no turning back.

Petite n’ Pretty has committed to using the highest raw materials available and the formula that they use are put through rigorous safety testing. They even test for heavy metals, patch testing and completing stability and compatibility testing. They also make sure that they audit the factories they partner with to ensure they have the best and consistently high standards according to Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP system. That is talking about the best non-toxic makeup you’ll only find from Petite’ n Pretty.