Not Just an Attic – 10 Steps to Creating Peaceful Getaway In Your Home


Your home’s attic isn’t just a space to stuff old books and belongings. With a little ingenuity, you can transform your attic into a usable space. It can become that oasis you have been dreaming of that can transport you away from the chaos and into the Zen. These steps can help you create a peaceful getaway out of your attic so you can relax, unwind, and recharge without ever leaving your home.

  • Arrange according to size 

Attics are notorious for their odd shapes and angles as they use the architecture from your roof to create this overhead space. You don’t have to despair as this can create a unique space that you can make the most of only by thinking a little outside the box. Arrange the furniture in your room according to the height of the room. Shorter areas should be reserved for desks, and dressers while the tallest point of the room may be reserved for work areas that give you plenty of room to walk around and dance if the mood strikes you.

  • Embrace your shiplap

Many attics are adorned with shiplap, giving you a romantic feel that is reminiscent of better times. There’s no need to begin a complete overhaul of your attic walls to create your dream space. Work with what you have and learn to embrace its imperfections. Shiplap is on trend and an ideal backdrop for a peaceful getaway that may be a totally different style than your current home décor. This is your private space, and you don’t need to impress with bold styles. Make this space unique from any other room in your home, and you’ll adore the charm it offers.

  • Add a calming color

To create a space that is soothing and calm, you need to select a paint color that is a serene hue. Cool blues, greens, and lavenders can make your space feel airy and light. Creams and tans can also provide a natural backdrop that will allow you to decorate with virtually anything you have in mind. Avoid loud, bright colors. As excited as you might be about them at first, you’ll soon bore of the palette and be overstimulated when in the room.

  • Create a room with a view

Many home attics incorporate a subtle window that can be the focal point of your room. These windows allow you to view your surroundings and take in some natural light. Position your sitting area around these windows or position your bed within viewing distance. You’ll find yourself engrossed in your thoughts as you drift off to dreamland looking out the windows of your new peaceful getaway space.

  • Infuse soft light

You need light to read, write or create within your oasis room, and some rustic lamps will do the trick. Use the soft light bulbs to give your space a luminous glow and illuminate your room where you need it the most. Avoid high wattage lights that can be overbearing and be sure to strategically place your lamps where they will be most convenient.

  • Invest in quality linens

The linens you add to your space should be luxurious and beg you to stay each time you enter the room. Choose bedding with a high thread count in fabrics that feel soft and smooth to the touch. Add a down comforter or homemade quilt to give your space that homey feel. Adorn your windows with sheers that still allow the natural light in. Be sure to invest in a quality rug to spread on the floor and balance the room.

  • Decorate with items you love

Fill your new peaceful getaway attic with items that are meaningful and that you enjoy being around. The more you make your new oasis a reflection of you, the more you will want to spend time in it. Think about the artwork that resonates with your soul. Place mementos from a favorite family vacation or occasion that you have fond memories of. This will help to spark that calmness from within and give you more reason to relax in your new-found room away from it all.

  • Bring the outdoors in

Adding a little bit of nature into your space will help to build an inviting room that is warm and calm. Place flowers in vases that you handpicked from your garden or add a special plant that you enjoy caring for. Try to add greenery or décor that is reminiscent of your favorite season. You’ll appreciate the efforts you make when you are surrounded by nature and its peaceful tranquility.

  • Unplug and unwind

Make your peaceful getaway space a no technology zone. Put away those phones, tablets, and computers and allow yourself to be at peace without the constant buzz of communication. Catch up on some reading or take a cat nap. This room is yours to decompress and break free of the stressors of everyday life. Leaving the electronics out can ensure you get maximum relaxation when you are in your attic space and ensure your thoughts aren’t disturbed by the problems of the day.

  • Personalize your space to make it your own

Be sure to personalize your oasis with your own personal touch. Make it your own in every way possible and incorporate the items you love having around you. The more time and effort you put into creating a welcoming environment in your attic, the more you will look forward to spending time in it. This is, after all, a room just for you.

Andrea Boffo is CEO of PlusVoucherCode, a website that provides discount codes to save money on online purchases.