Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Down Comforter


You’ve heard quite a lot varying information about the down comforter that you don’t know what to believe and what not to. So, you have always wanted to know the facts about this type of comforters? This is not a bad thing; in any case, you spend quite a significant chunk of time in your bed. If curiosity is killing you, relax; now is the time for you to know the truth about down comforters.

Let’s start with the basics; these down comforters, what exactly are they? Why “down” about anyway? The answer and especially where the word down is derived from might surprise you. Basically, your comforter is a type of bedding consisting of two lengths of fabric. In between the fabrics is some insulating material.

In the case of the down comforters, this insulating material is down. Down refers to the light, fleecy clusters and plumulas found beneath the feathers of geese and ducks. This means there can be nothing like up comforters; for in this case “down” here has no relationship with vertical dimensions. Now, before we move on its important to clarify further that this down is not the same as feathers as some people think. Down is a lot fluffier and more delicate than feathers. It also has superior insulating qualities compared to feathers. Now you know why these beddings bear their name.

Types of down comforter

Down is not just down; there are at least three types of down depending on the source. These are;

  • Goose down
  • Duck down
  • Marabou Down

As the names suggest, these downs come from the three particular bird species. Each of these down has its distinctive characteristics. For instance, you will find that goose down clusters are pure white and have a very high fill power. Duck down is a fair alternative, but when it is from older ducks, it delivers the highest fill power. More about down isn’t that popular and is commonly incorporated in the trimmings of some fashionable accessories and outfits

Importance of down comforters

The purpose of the down insulating material is to provide you with more warmth as you sleep. This makes this type of bedding the best choice during cold nights and chilly seasons. Other the functional use, the down comforter comes with some aesthetic appeal. Remember down comforters come in almost every color imaginable. You can, therefore, use this duvet to enhance the overall decor of your bedroom.

Establishing the quality of down

The quality of this bedding depends a lot on the quality of down used in making it. The loft can only establish the quality of the down or fill power. This is the measure used to establish the warmth and fullness of the down comforter. So, any time you are shopping for this bedroom accessory, the fill power should be the first characteristic to examine. But how do you interpret the readings that express the file power? Okay, fill power is expressed in cubic inches and can range from 500 to over 800. But as a general practice, fill power can be put into three broad levels as shown below.

  • Fill power of 500 indicates he down is lightweight and rather far from being fluffy. It is soft all the same and somewhat insulating.
  • Fill power of between 600 to 650 indicates the down is of a much higher quality. The warmth and loft of the comforter will be higher.
  • Fill power of 750 and above defines a superior product. Down comforters in this range are very fluffy and warm.

How do I decide what fill power to buy?

This depends on the following two factors:

  • Price
  • Amount of warmth that you need

Beginning with price, as you shop around you will notice that the higher the fill power, the pricier the down comforter. Based on this criterion it is your budget that dictates the level of loft that you should buy. The level of warmth depends on the season of the year and the general climatic conditions where you reside. The colder the nights are, the higher the fill power you will probably need.

Care and Washing

Maintaining your down comforter isn’t such a challenge. If you want best results, stick to the manufacturer recommendations. Every good manufacturer presents these instructions on the product label. The good thing is that some down comforters are machine washable. Just add some washing cycles to ensure the filling is free from any detergent.

With these facts, you now know the truth about these wonderful down comforters. Now you are confident enough to make them your lifetime companions.