Why Now is the Perfect Time of Year for a UK Walking Holiday


There is no better time to go on a walking holiday in the UK than right now. The changing of the seasons is always a magical time, but especially now as the UK is transformed and, arguably, at its most beautiful. Whilst some may prefer the warmer months and opt to stay wrapped up warm inside at this time of year, it is actually incredibly rewarding to get out into the fresh air and immerse yourself in this great beauty.

Changing Colours

The most notable aspect that can be enjoyed on a nature walking holiday is the changing colours of the trees and the ground becoming covered in a golden carpet of leaves. Crimson, orange, red and yellow leaves can be seen everywhere and there is nothing more satisfying than feeling these crunch beneath your feet on a walk. When the trees become bare they can look strikingly beautiful against the sky and particularly at sunset which can create surreal settings in the UK’s prettiest areas.

Fresh Air

Another reason that now is the perfect time for a walking holiday is the crisp autumn air. It can feel invigorating and refreshing to breathe this in on a long, rambling walk through the countryside and you will always feel better for going out after breathing this fresh air in. Wrapping up warm and heading out for a walk in the cool air is a big part of what makes this such a special time of the year and can make returning home to wrap up warm particularly satisfying. Although the temperature begins to drop, it is rarely uncomfortably cold and usually dry.


As mentioned, the sunsets at this time of year are truly stunning. The sun begins to set earlier and this means that you can enjoy sunsets out on a relaxing afternoon walk before heading home for a cosy night in. Even walks once the sun goes down can be highly enjoyable (be sure to stay safe and bring a flashlight, however). Be sure to find the perfect spot to stop and watch the sun set on your walk for the best experience.

This time of year is particularly special throughout the UK and there are many wonderful places to visit for a walking holiday. Stunning colours, crisp, cool air and beautiful sunsets are just a few of the reasons to get out and explore at this time of year, plus this can make wrapping up warm in front of the fire in the evening that little bit more special too.