Nutritional Supplements and Beauty


It’s certainly true that you are what you eat – and your inner health manifests on the outside. Many beauty issues, such as dry skin, acne, hair loss and brittle nails start with poor nutrition or nutrient deficiency, but just how do you know what might be causing you problems? Moreover, what you can eat or take to combat them and improve your general health? Udo’s Choice know all about nutrition and the impact that nutritional deficiencies can have on your looks.

Take a look at their guide to the hottest supplements that can help to combat a few widespread beauty complaints – with a few added benefits for your insides too! And please check the best probiotics for weight loss if you want to lose weight for the summer.


Ultimate Oil Blend

This is a fantastic all-rounder for healthy skin, hair and nails, and seems to be ever-increasing in popularity. Our skin can tell a thousand stories when it comes to the state of our inner health and persistent problems, such as eczema and acne, can have an impact on confidence. Including Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids (usually found in oily fish, certain meats, nuts and seeds) in your diet gives skin, hair and nails a boost. Why is this you may wonder? Well, in order for the cells in our body to regenerate properly, they need the right nutrients and biomolecules with which to do so. Generally, these will come from your diet and your body will naturally be replenished as you ingest food. However, many foods have become less potent through modern processing or cooking methods, so you may not be getting your desired nutritional value from other products. Ultimate Oil Blend, on the other hand, is comprised of the highest quality, unrefined, 100% organic oils; this could be the product you’ve been waiting for to put an end to your beauty woes!Ultimate Oil Blend in this 6 Week Challenge

Beyond Greens

We all know that we should include more leafy green vegetables (or vegetables of any kind, for that matter) in our diet. However, hectic lifestyles and reliance on convenience foods can leave your body lacking in the nutrients it really needs from these super plants, which provide us with powerful detoxifying properties as well as a host of vital minerals, such as zinc, calcium, magnesium and B-vitamins. Not only does the Beyond Greens supplement combine a nutritious blend of the best ‘super greens’, it includes a whole host of other beneficial ingredients such as digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids and fibre – so you don’t have to take dozens of supplements before you’ve even left the house. Blend into water, juice or a smoothie for a wholesome breakfast ornutritious boost on the go.fats- the good, the bad

Weight Management

Although it is generally conceived that weight gain is associated with eating too much, and weight loss attributed to eating less, it’s actually more about what you are eating and how it nourishes your body when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. The general perception of fats (saturated and unsaturated), have received much bad press over the last decade and have often been associated with weight gain. However, it is now recognised that the consumption of these types of fats is healthy if taking in the right quantity and the right types of fat. In fact, the addition of these fats to a healthy diet is advised by many nutritionists who claim that it is essential for weight loss. A diet that is lacking in fat and filled with diet foods can sometimes be high in sugar, which is also known to lead to weight gain if consumed in large quantities. So what’s the ‘right type’ of fat? Well, it’s the type that contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids – poly- and mono-unsaturated fat often found in oily fish, nuts, seeds and avocados. Struggling to lose those final few pounds – or want to set off on your weight loss journey on the right foot? Taking the Ultimate Oil Blend or Beyond Greens is a sure-fire way to supercharge your body for optimal health as well as positive weight management.workout

Whatever your health or beauty concern, take a look at the easy to read guides at Udo’s Choice and browse the fabulous range of high-quality supplements to find the perfect solution for you.