Ocean inspired interior design


Lovers of the sea, the ocean and, the beauty and the freshness through the year. They can keep this feeling in their apartment. It is not only the blue color. And a multitude of details that make the home a more airy and beautiful place to live.

The ocean has always been an inspiration. From artists to designers, to anyone. A powerful expanse covered with water and can excite and calm many at the same time. As a result, many world designers in interior design try to evoke the feeling of the presence of the ocean.

Form and beauty of details

When we are talking about sea and ocean-themed decor and details are definitely related to the ocean shells. For example, shells like candlesticks or vases decorated with them. Furthermore, jewelry boxes, various heart shapes made of shells, and objects such as ship models and other decors. Therefore, they make the room have a spacious and refreshed atmosphere. There are many aspects to focus on, but the most important one is to be according to your personal preference. Often, these details, you bring them from a holiday, as a memory of visited places. Because of that, they can be very useful for your home decor ideas.

Color scheme and accents

All the shades of blue combined with white or some darker tones can make an ocean effect. Therefore, is the safes way to create an “aqua” effect and to contrast the room space. Large contrast of blue and white can be created with ornaments such as waves, seaweed, rock, and other ocean-themed decors. You can place accents in a form of dishes, teapots, curtains, chandeliers, carpets, or pillows with marine details. With that, you can create an ocean vibe.

You can also place wallpapers or photos in the bedroom or children’s room. In addition, it will appeal as an ocean easily and simply. This style is recommended especially for a boy’s room. For example, sailors, pirates, or treasure hunters themes.

The fresh vibe of the room

The fresh and beautiful vibe that the ocean brings into the home is especially if you are close to the ocean. However, it is equally important, when you are deciding to have an ocean-themed home is to try it out. First, decorate one room with this theme and see if you like it. Then you can decide whether you want to extend to the rest of the interior of your home.

Beach vibe room

If you want the feel like you are really near the ocean, you can also add a beach design into one of your rooms. As a result, you will get the whole holiday experience. For example, you can add slipcovers to your sofas and chairs. Cotton and linen slipcovers in light or beige colors are the best for a beach-themed look. You can also add pillows with a coastal living design to increase the ambiance feel. Materials like seagrass, rattan, and sisal give the space a coastal living vibe. The materials are rope-like and add texture to the room, perfect for the beach style effect that you desire.