On Off-Roading Parts and Equipment


Going off-roading is fun. The freedom of being able to drive over every big rock within your line of sight is liberating, and the speed an off-road vehicle can attain while rolling over muddy terrain is exhilarating!

There is much to appreciate about off-road driving. Still, before purchasing an expensive vehicle and satisfying your wildest desires of roaming through the desert like a terrain king on wheels, you’ll need to learn about the type of equipment that represents an off-road car.

You’ll also need to get some essentials under your belt, as well. Off-road driving can be dangerous. We’ll be giving you a quick rundown as to what makes up an off-road vehicle, as well as what you should acquire to get into the hobby.

Vehicle Parts

You will need to ensure that you outfit your vehicle properly for extreme terrain conditions. Although you can modify a passenger car into an off-road vehicle, our suggestion would be to purchase one that has been designed to dominate the terrain from the start.

You’ll need the following parts to even stand a chance at off-roading.


What makes or breaks an off-roading car. Without good quality tires, your vehicle is simply not going to perform well. What sort of tires your car needs depends on many factors, so our suggestion would be to contact a mechanic and ask for their advice first. Give them information on your preferred type of terrain so they can make an informed recommendation.

Suspension Kit

You need a suspension kit so that you can survive the abuse that your vehicle will suffer. Driving an off-road car without a solid suspension kit can be one of the most uncomfortable experiences of your life. Don’t opt for cheap models, as they tend to cut corners.


Off-road vehicles require an extra degree of protection, and bumpers fill that gap. At some point or another, you will strike a tree or a rock, and without a bumper, your vehicle will sustain costly damages. Most amateur off-roaders opt for front bumpers, but if you have a more specialized driving style, then you should consider getting back bumpers as well.


Besides car parts, you will also need a couple of important tools. While these are not specifically required, they will make your life significantly easier. Off-roading is fun, but it also has a lot of downsides, and the correct equipment will mitigate them.


This cannot be overstated: do not go off-roading without a way of contacting help! Imagine if your car rolls over and you’re fifteen miles away from the nearest source of civilization. If surviving is part of your off-roading plan, then you must get a radio. Don’t put yourself at risk for the sake of saving money!


Considered “the best invention since sliced bread” by a lot of off-road enthusiasts. MAXTRAX are two engineering-grade nylon boards that you put underneath your wheels when you get stuck, which help you drive out of a muddy mess.


Another off-roading essential, the winch is a recovery tool for when you get stuck. It’s basically a very strong rope with a hook at the end that you attach to your front bumper. You can then hook this rope to an anchor object or a vehicle and help yourself out of being stuck.


If you’re planning to go off-road through water, then you will need a snorkel. Pumping water into your car engine is going to wreck it within seconds. A snorkel is attached to the roof of your car and saves it from drowning.

Preparation Is Key

Don’t make the mistake of not outfitting your vehicle properly. Going off-roading is no joke since you could be exposing yourself to a lot of dangers and inconveniences. Instead, the right setup will ensure your experience is pleasant and worth repeating.

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