One For That Little Black Dress


Just when you thought you had everything a girl could possibly need for that special occasion – the dress, the shoes, the bag, makeup, hair…..  What’s left to worry about right? Oh, hold on… EEEKKK – you sort through your bling box and realize that you just don’t have that perfect finishing touch.  

Your earrings are fine, bracelet and necklace are ok, but something seems to be missing.  There seems to be just one little thing that you need to complete your otherwise amazing look?  Don’t worry, all is not lost and there is hope! What you need is a brooch – right? Of course, that’s what is missing.  These little treasures are absolute life savers and you can be sure there is more than one to compliment any dress style for any occasion.


Brooches have made a huge comeback and they are now available in so many different styles you won’t be able to choose just one.  You will be delighted when you check out the gorgeous modern contemporary and traditional designs available in these lovely accessories.  Some are very classical like the beautifully ornate cameos – these are timeless pieces and look stunning at the neck of a button up blouse or on a big comfy jumper or the lapel of your favorite jacket.  Some are really very quirky, like the vintage animal range – so outrageously cute – no one could resist these little darlings! And don’t forget those precious little pearl brooches – often with a chunky flower or art deco design, these sweet little pearls add a touch of softness that is just irresistible.

No matter your personal style there are brooches for any individual taste;  from sparkling crystal encrusted flower designs, or some which are very romantic and decorated with feathers and jewels reminiscent of days long gone.  A stunning brooch can add so much character and chic to that ‘little black dress’ when you fasten it just below the shoestring straps or pinned at a neck of a button up blouse – great for a polished business finish.   And you can pin one to a scarf or even your handbag to add a little sparkle and fun! No matter where you place your brooch, you’ll be adding something special and distinctively you to your look.

Another wonderful thing about wearing brooches is that you get a lot of bang for your buck!  Because they sparkle and usually sit right where they cannot be missed, they draw attention and create a talking piece and they do all this for a very small cash outlay.  Conversely, some of your other essential items such as shoes and handbags can go relatively unnoticed yet they may have cost a small fortune.

So, just like your shoes and handbags, you really can’t have too many brooches, especially if you like to mix up your styles to suit your mood.  So go ahead, splurge, spoil yourself and reinvent your personal style with a selection of them. My guess is you will be hard pressed to choose just one, so enjoy the compliments you will get when you step out with your newfound favorite accessories decorate your wardrobe with a beautiful brooch!