Online school during the pandemic – Tips for parents


During the pandemic, it is hard for the children to stay focused and catching up on the subjects online. Having any parent around them might help them concentrate more. This article will show you the best way to support your children in an online school, during the pandemic time.


Have a schedule for your children

We know having an online school at home can be very hard for them and could cause a lack of time organizations for your children. Make a schedule for your children to feel like they are still in school. Start from the morning when they wake up, serve them breakfast, and prepare them for their online class. Consider their previous schedule and check for their lunchtime, like when they had in the school. When the online class is finished, help them to tidy up the devices and plan some other activities out of school, like helping with the home chores, a walk outside and leave them time to rest.

Provide them with studying equipment

Online schools require many things to help children stay focus on their subjects. As parents, we need to stay cautious for what are the things that they need to improve their concentration for the online class. Proper laptops, stable connections, and apps and programs are needed to provide them with being present in online classes with their classmates and teachers. Don’t forget pens and paper. They might also need note-taking apps and file readers to support them reading the documents that are sent online, and many other things to get their work done.

Conducive Environment

Having a lot of family members under the same roof and having online classes for your child could be overwhelmed. Parents don’t want their children to be distracted by any noise. And you need to create such a conducive studying environment for your kids. Ask the other family members to be less noisy when the children are having an online class. Also provide a study room for them far from noisy sounds, quieter so they can stay focus on their online classes and get the best grades.



After all the tips above, the most important tip is communicating with your children. This covid situation could be overwhelming for them, especially when they can’t hang out with their classmates as they did in the school, and they have to stay at the home. You need to tell your children what they should expect you to help them with and have more regular breaks. Do not miss explaining to them that this situation is temporary and it concerns all of us, for the sake of all of us. Help your kids to adopt new methods of learning, since you are around him, check if they learned the subjects and make a game out of their subjects.

That’s a wrap folk! I hope this article will help you and enlighten all the parents for supporting your children and have online classes feeling like they are in school. Don’t forget to sanitize and stay healthy!